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Bluetooth speaker battle Sony vs JBL

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Hi, so my birthday is coming soon (March 31st) and I wanted to buy a good Bluetooth speaker as a present to myself, because me and my friends are crazy on speakers. We really like comparing speakers and all of that stuff. So one of my friends has a Sony SRS XB31 and i have heard it live and it sounds amazing. The problem is that I know that JBL speakers are good too, but I havent heard a real one live. All i have seen is fake ones. So I am wondering whether to buy Sony SRS XB 41 or JBL Charge 3. I watched a few videos about the sound of both of the speakers and they said that Sony speakers' vocals are not as loud and clear as JBL's, but Sony's bass is amazing. So that kinda made me like the JBL more, cuz i listen to a lot of pop, but Sony's design is a lot better looking with all the light effects and sound effects that come with the mobile app. So I REALLLY like the way the Sony looks, but everyone says the JBL sounds better. Can someone tell me if that's true, based on that he has heard both of the speakers or just knows a lot about Audio?

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