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Yubekey and keepass is a good solution to pasword manager

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi i just can't remember  password  and i was thinking to start to use keepass on the pc and yubekey as a 2af  os it too much the other question is I shouldn't  allow google to remember any password obviously.. but as well log out each time ? Or can i leave the `remember this browser ` 

Seems stupid but i want  to be sure that i don't  do silly mistakes or copy and paste each time I need to access a forum or a website.  Thanks 


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Hi Simon88,


I would never allow browsers to remember your passwords, as they can be stolen due to them being stored locally (this could be old information as I have not looked into it for a few years).  However, I would recommend a password manager with a second factor such as Google / Microsoft Authenticator.


From my previous experience, I would recommend Dashlane as it comes with an Identity manger, so should there be a breach then it will warn you to change your password on that site.


I would always support MFA, just try and avoid SMS auth as it can be hijacked, from sim cloning should you come under a targeted attack. Yubikeys are good, I have one for work, but I have not used Keypass with it.


Hope this helps

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