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Which VPN should I choose?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Article 13 continues to barrel down the tracks towards me. And frankly I have no idea whether the UK will be a part of the EU, or if it will leave. Or even if we leave we will have to obey the EU Copyright Directive. Also the porn license thing... 


So which VPN is actually good and also isn't going to turn around and sell my data to the highest bidder? Or will setting one up myself be the better option?


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PIA is great I love it and I hated vpns cause they used to be slow, expensive and annoying to setup but Private Internet Access is stupid easy and cheap and fast and LinusTechTips uses it and has a promo code

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I went with NordVPN cuz I saw them sponsoring a bunch of youtubers I like (not LTT unfortunately but they have PIA at least). Seems good to me, no noticeable speed decrease on browsing or downloading and now with article 13 passing I'm going to need it even more to get to my memes or whatever. It's gonna be interesting to see how this changes the landscape of the internet, but so far a lot of people are saying that this still won't go into effect for a couple of years

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