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SuperMicro X11DPG-QT: which PCI-E slots for 2x GPU?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all,
I’m want to put two GTX1080Ti into SuperMicro 7049GP-TRT (SuperMicro X11DPG-QT motherboard with 6 PCI-E 3.0 x16). There are 4 PCI-E slots dedicated for GPUs; two assigned to CPU2 (slot 6 and 8 ) and two assigned to CPU1 (slot 2 and 4). Looking forward to your advice on how I should arrange my cards and which slots to use?
I was planning to use slot 8 (which is the first slot out of the four, closest to CPUs) and slot 4 (third) to keep good ventilation.
Sorry if the question is naive or trivial but it’s the first time for me to install twin GPUs.

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not only you're using twin gpu, you're also on twin cpu. it only makes it more confusing.


if you're doing SLI, you should probably using pcie lanes coming from the same cpu.

if not, idk.

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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