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USB Headset recognized but not working, plz help.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok so this is kind of a long story but here we go:

first ill detail the hardware i had: 

Gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 motherboard

gtx 1070 ti

ryzen 5 2600x

1 tb hdd boot

250g ssd for games

stock cooler 

8gb ram 2400 mhz

750 W power supply

So i recently changed the following components:

RTX 2080 from evga

samsung 970 evo plus 1tb nvme (So now i have 2 SSD) 

and 16 gb of ddr4 3000 mhz from corsair

Ok so i installed all that and cloned my hdd to my new ssd, and set my ram profile to xmp, so i was playing normally until, bam after 3 or 4 hours of playtime on apex legends i got BSOD saying memory management error, that was followed by some weird sounds coming from my headphones while it happened, something i saw when i got back into windows after a BSOD checking device manager was that one of the USB composite devices had an alert as if it was having an error, so i had to disconnect my headset and reconnect it to solve that, and then i also had another BSOD "irql_not_less_or_equal", i got that twice playing apex and battlefield 5. so i got scared and started troubleshooting my new rig, reinstalled windows twice, updated drivers, flashed BIOS, and everything i could, even reversed to my old ram to see if it still happened and it did solve it, or so i thought, so i figured it was ram, i investigated a little and saw that sometimes you gotta bump up the voltage to make the system more stable at the rated speeds of the new ram, so i did that and "fixed" the issue, i didn't get BSOD anymore, but did get a very annoying audio error, its why im here in the first place. so im playing normally and hearing everything (I have an astro A40 with the mixamp pro. game audio coming through optical cable, and communications (mic and voices from friends) through USB) but suddenly i hear like an audio distortion, and my screen freezes for like 0.1 seconds and i cant talk anymore and hear anyone in game or in discord (NOTE: i can still hear the optical audio just fine.), so i go to audio management and see that it does recognize my mic and my headset and they are active and everything, i just don't see the green bar to the right of the device showing that its's working, so then i reinstalled windows and hoped for the best, but its still not working correctly, i've tried reinstalling realtech audio drivers and everything but it doesn't work, when i try reinstalling them it prompts me to restart and i got another BSOD with the error saying: Driver Power State Failure, i dont know what to do, i tried messing with the power settings, drivers, checking event viewer, device manager it all shows its working fine. please help thx love yall

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Update: Changed my Mixamp pros settings from PC mode to PS4 mode, looks like that kinda fixed the issue, it has not messed itself up in a while.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

2nd Update: even with my components im getting some weird lag issues, every 10 min or so i get occasional lag spikes (small stutters) on battlefield 5 accompanied by a small but noticeable audio artifact, not sure what it is, maybe GPU? idk im thinking audio driver, but why would it lag the game? also when i restart my pc from windows it just keeps loading on the restart screen and doesn't actually restart,

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Posted · Original PosterOP

3rd Update: seems like the Realtek audio driver was the issue, will have to game more to see if it really is done, but seems like it for the moment. i can restart normally now.

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