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RTX 2070 Founders edition vs MSI Armour

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I am running a GTX 1050ti and I'm looking to upgrade to a RTX 2070. I am NOT planning on gaming on it and it'll only be used to train neural networks (Deep Learning).
The MSI Armour is available for around 48k INR and the founder's edition is around 52k INR, the FE is overclocked and both have twin coolers. I don't have the budget for tripple cooler cards.
Which on do I go for?



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FE will have better silicon allowing it to clock better. Whereas the armor will run cooler and quieter.

PC: CPU - 8700K 4.8ghz 1.165V (die sense)  |  GPU - 5700XT 2100mhz 1.145V target  |  Motherboard - Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi | RAM - Ballistix sport LT 3200mhz red @ 3900mhz 15-20-20-33 2T 1.49V  |  Cooler - nh-d15  |  SSD - 960 evo 250GB, mx300 750GB, mx500 500GB  |  PSU - 750W G2  |   Case - Cooler Master MasterBox 5

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MSI for sure -  it does in fact run cool and quietly. Also, mine overclocks rather nicely with a +200Mhz core offset and +600Mhz on the RAM - I didn't even experiment any further on the RAM - that was just a first attempt and I stuck with that cause it works. According to a few reviews, most people can overclock to at least +170Mhz. But careful - older versions of MSI afterburner will behave a little bit odd - with the old nonbeta Stable version I could only tune in a +100 Mhz core clock but the result was about the same - a boost clock of ~2000 Mhz (mine settles at 2010 Mhz right now).

CPU: Intel Core I5 4690k | Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 | RAM: 16GB DDR3 HyperX Savage 2133 | GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Armor | Case: Xigmatek Aquila |   PSU: Corsair RM650i | SSD: Crucial m500 120GB | HDDs: 2x Seagate Barracuda 4TB | CPU Cooler: Bequiet Dark Rock 3 | Casefans: Bitfenix Spectre LED red 200mm (Intake), 2x Bequiet Pure Wings 2 140mm (Exhaust) | OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

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