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Navi Speculation

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Okay, where do we speculate Navi to be? More powerful than Vega? More expensive than Vega? What I would like to see is better than Vega performance, at a way more competitive price than what Nvidia is getting away with. (Im not a fanboy of any company, I just tell it as I sees it) Imagine 2080 levels of performance at the price of a 2060 (which would be unfortunate for me because I'm getting a 2060 in 2 weeks) 

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High end Navi will obviously be faster than Radeon 7. 


But the rumours are that what we are getting this year is mid-range Navi which will be about getting great Vega56 performance at cheap price points.

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3 hours ago, Humbug said:

High end Navi will obviously be faster than Radeon 7. 

I doubt High end Navi will ever exist. For the last few years AMD has had one generation for low and mid range and a different generation with pretty different chips for High End.



Mid Range -> Tonga/(Rebranded) Tahiti, Pitcairn and Hawaii -> R9 360,370,380,390

High End -> Fiji -> RX Fury / Fury X


Mid Range -> Polaris 10/11 -> RX 460,470,480

High End -> Nothing New


Mid Range -> Polaris 20/21 -> RX 560,570,580

High End -> Vega 10 -> Vega 56/64


Mid Range -> Polaris 30 -> RX 590 (Also released 560X,570X,580X - all slightly OC'd Polaris 20)

High End -> Nothing New

My Guesses


Mid Range -> Navi 10 -> RX 3060,3070,3080 - Performance will be around Vega 56/RTX 2060 level but with a much better price than Nvidia

High End -> Vega 20 -> Radeon VII - Has about 20% higher performance than Vega 64


Mid Range -> Navi 20 -> Probably a refreshed Navi with higher factory clocks and maybe a different name.

High End -> Probably Nothing Yet - Maybe a Vega FE style launch of the next generation High End Arcturus with a high (early access) price.


Mid Range -> Arcturus -> New Mid range GPU

High End -> Arcturus -> If not released in 2020 will be released by now in a Gaming varient


The reality is that we know much more about AMDs future plans than Nvidia. If next year Nvidia brings out a new GPU line up with the usual improvements then AMD will remain a generation behind in performance. AMD has shown a roadmap that had Arcturus by/in 2020. But the same roadmap showed Navi in 2018 so we know they are behind a bit on 7nm and this is why I doubt we will get a high end Navi as they will want to put the time/money into the GCN successor Arcturus which will be much faster.


Given that Nvidia has already released the 2080 Ti I expect we will see a new Architecture from them by the end of 2020. Usually they keep the xx80 Ti in reserve until the year later but not this time. Additionally because the 20xx series is on 12nm they can easily enough move to a 7nm process and get significant extra performance without needing too many arch improvements.

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