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Latest Linux Mint locking up

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Posted · Original PosterOP

When my PC is idle doing SETI@Home for a long time, it appears to lock up. The only remedy is powering down with the power button. This has happened twice in the past week. I know it is NOT the PC overheating as I have a Liquid Cooling System installed and the air flow of the heat exchange system is clear. I have been thinking of installing a desklet that monitors the CPU temperature just in case, but haven't gotten around to it yet.


What logs should I view after booting up? How do I view them?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'l try to be as detailed as I can on the system I built...

ASUS AMD Motherboard with 8 core 64 bit CPU

16 Gig Mem

ATI HD Radeon 5700 series HDMI  video/sound no SETI running on it

Barely using 25% of 3 TB hard drive.

Latest Linux Mint Cinnamon


The mouse moves, but clicking doesn't work


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You could be experiencing a heavy load which looks like a hard lock up. But, if you can move the mouse, then the kernel hasn't crapped out. So that's good. 


You might want to use this: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/help.php . They actually have free live support for people trying to use SETI@home. 


Let me know if that helps =D. If they can't figure it out, we can take another crack at it. 

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You can try setting software that's compute intensive to a high nice value so it doesn't compete for your needs.  Leave htop running and see if it's using all the RAM or swap too.   True to log into the system via ssh if you can also when it freezes.  It might take a minute or two if it under heavy load though. 

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