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Random unexplainable shutdowns on new PC

Check the 24 pin to make sure its in all the way (sometimes its a pain to push down till it latches)

Other than that, try a different PSU like Skelator said.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys.


First of all,



mobo - Asus rog strix x470-f gaming

cpu cooler - noctua nh-u12s se-am4

psu - Corsair RM750X V2 750w 80 plus gold modular

gpu - EVGA Geforce RTX 2070 Black Gaming 8 GB GDDR6

ram - Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 16 GB 2x8GB CL16

cpu - amd ryzen 7 2700x


Two weeks ago, I built my first pc and for 3/4 days everything was fine. The most intensive activity I do is gaming. One day, the pc randomly shuts down (no warning, no bluescreen, just powers down) while I was in a game and I couldn't turn it on until I turned off and on the power on the PSU. Remembered i didn't updated the bios version, did that. The next day no problems (did a full day gaming) and the day after, another random shutdown, this time while watching an episode.


Then I double checked that everything was in place, Ram sticks weren't. The sticks were in A1, B1. But according to the manual, the best configuration is A2 and B2. So i changed that. And i ran prime95 for stress testing the cpu and mem86 to test the ram, 75ºC peak temp on the cpu and no errors on the memory and, specially, no shutdown.


A day went by (I played an GPU/CPU intensive game on that day for 4 hours) and on the next day another shutdown and not turning on until i resetted the power supply, while gaming. Reseated cpu and cooler, cleaned it with alcohol (waited for it to evaporate), reapplied thermal paste (size of a pea, double checked with a friend).


The day after that, used prime95 again to test the cpu and the pc didn't turn off. The other day once again shutdown, while gaming. Resetted the CMOS and for a full day no problems. Next day, another shutdown.


Then I tried to take a ram stick out, run memtest64 no problems, played 15/30 min and down, switched the sticks and same. Then I inserted the two ram sticks and remembered that while researching the problem I read that some people had problems with the MOBO rgb and that I tried to uninstall Asus aura and only the aura service was uninstalled, the program wasn't. Next day, at the end of the day another shutdown.


So, I did a fresh install of windows.


Next day no problems, but today (one day later) all morning was turned on, played a game for like 1 hour in the afternoon without problems, made a break from gaming, switched games and after 30 minutes another shutdown. Then went to bios to change the ram profiles. Tried both DOCP profiles and at most 5 minutes the pc shuts down. Resetted power supply and didn't even get to post, down instantly. Tried 4/5 times same thing. Then waited a little bit, finally managed to get to bios and changed performance enchancer back to auto. Got to windows. Turned on a game to test and you guessed it shutdown.


As the time of this post, pc doesn't stay on for 5 minutes, idle


Sometimes the pc gets stuck in boot loops. rarely tho


Any more tests that you can think of ?


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Another PSU to try, sounds like the power supply is failing.



Also try the PC outside the case, eliminate any shorts to the case.

CPU  Ryzen 5 1600x  MOBO  Prime X370-Pro  RAM  Corsair LPX ddr4 @3333Mhz  GPU  Palit Jetstream GTX 1070  SSD  Crucial BX 240gb x 2  HDD  WD Blue 500gb x 2  PSU Antec HCG 620w  Cooling Corsair H110i GT Extreme 280mm aio in push/pull ,Aerocool P7 F12 rgb fan x3 + controller CASE Aerocool P7-C1, Black and white sleeved extensions and front/top UV strip.

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It sounds like you are tripping OCP on your power supply but your system could be overheating.


What case do you have?

How did you install your PSU (if you have a basement is it facing the top or getting fresh air)?


Is the fan on your power supply spinning?


Next time it happens let the computer sit for about 20-30 minutes and see if it will restart without resetting the power supply.

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Posted · Best Answer

Check the 24 pin to make sure its in all the way (sometimes its a pain to push down till it latches)

Other than that, try a different PSU like Skelator said.

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Posted · Original PosterOP



One of the sides of the 24 pin wasn't fully inserted.


9 hours later the pc turns on and even gamed for hour and a half and no shutdown, but can't call it solved yet because the pc always had working periods.


The case is a Corsair Carbide Spec-Omega tempered glass.


The fan on the power supply spins for like 5 seconds when booting but then turns off, supposedly default behaviour.


I have an apartment and the fan is facing down, it is what made me sense since the case has a filter there.


Next time the pc shuts down I'll do what DragonTamer1 said and wait 30 minutes

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This problem has been solved with what mdgtman91 said. Kinda the first thing I should've double checked. Thanks for the help guys

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