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Rx 570 no display/no signal

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So, I bought a new cpu (1700x) before that I had a 2400g. My first problems were happening with the 2400g and rx 570 I had no signal monitor and send card to RMA/service and they told me the card works with no issues. I got my card back and put it in the pc and it booted (before RMA i always needed to use intergrated graphics to boot(always cmos reset to work) and then disabled intergrated g and use dedicated one) but today I bought 1700x and a new water cooling and everything works, fans, pump, lights, even gpu fans, but there is no screen... i reseted CMOS and nothing. What can I do whats wrong?? :(  Dont say check cables and if its fermly installed because it is. :( (cable in GPU not MB)

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