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Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

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Scrapyard Wars with the legendary Tech Yes City, it will be hard for you to win against him Linus! Australia would be a nice location for you to try deal hunting. It would make for an excellent episode!

Main PC:

CPU: Octa Core - i9 9900K 5.3 Ghz 1.37V (All cores) (Cinebench R15: Single 231, Multi: 2294)

Motherboard: Z390 Gigabyte AORUS MASTER.

RAM: 64GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Red LED 4 x 16GB, 3200Mhz rated, runs at 3200Mhz with reduced timings CL14, 16, 16, 16, 34 - Samsung B-Die.

GPU: Water cooled RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition SLI (+170 Core) (+930 memory) (2145 boost clock on both) with EKWB Vector blocks on each.

Case: ThermalTake X9.

Storage: Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 1TB and Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 500GB (3500MB/S Read, 3300MB/S Write), 2x Samsung EVO 860 500GB, 2x 2TB Seagate Barracuda.

PSU: Corsair HX1200i Platinum 80+ PSU.

Display: 3x Ultrawide Acer Predator X34P 34" Inch G-Sync 120Hz displays IPS with Nvidia surround running at 10320 x 1440 120Hz.

Cooling: Custom Loop EKWB CoolStream 480mm 60mm height 3 x radiators with D5 Revo RGB PUMP, 8x Corsair 120mm HD120 RGB Fans and 4x Noctua 3000 RPM 120mm fans, 200mm ThermalTake 800RPM fan (front), Noctua 3000 RPM 140mm fan (rear).

Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70 LUX Blue MX Switches.

Sound: T6300 Creative 5.1 speakers with Corsair VOID PRO 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset - Yellow.

Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Piano: Yamaha P155.

Phone: Razer Phone 2.

Smart watch: Moto 360 2nd Gen.

Camera: Logitech C922.


Laptop: HP Omen 15-DC0029 (Portable Wake On Lan / Steam Streaming Machine to Main PC)

CPU: Hexa Core - i7 8750H 3.9Ghz (Undervolted by -0.120V) (Runs at full turbo speeds without throttling) (Cinebench R15: Single: 173, Multi: 1263).

RAM: 32GB DDR4 HyperX Impact 2 x 16GB, 2666Mhz rated, runs at 2666Mhz CL15.

GPU: GTX 1060 (Full Laptop Version) (Boost: 1683Mhz)

Storage: Samsung 256GB NVMe (3460MB/S Read, 1500MB/S write), HGST 1TB HDD 7200RPM.

PSU: HP 200W Laptop power brick.

Display: 15.6" 144Hz G-Sync IPS display.

Keyboard: HP RGB laptop keyboard.

Sound: Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Mouse: G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Cooling: 15" 4x Blue LED Fan Laptop Cooling Pad.

Bag: Razer Basic Messanger Bag.

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The Raspberry Pi 4 (when it comes out).


-The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train.

-Celibacy is not hereditary.

-If everything seems to be going well you obviously have no idea what's going on.

-Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference.

-A shortcut is the longest distance between two points.

-Everyone has a scheme for getting rich that will not work.


-Do things according to who you are, not who others are.

-You can't put a square peg in a round hole. If you're a square peg, make yourself a square hole.

-If somebody else will, why should you?

-If your life consists solely of doing the bidding of others, you have no life at all.


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I'm not sure but it might end up becoming a rant about overpricing, but how about an analysis of the different 2080Ti's, and why their prices range from $999 to $1600?

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New Tech Quickie episode(S) suggestion....


one episode on why graphics cards can only passively support up to 2 monitors without having "Active" display adapters.

One episode on Active vs passive display adapters.

One episode on MST hubs and multi monitor set ups, how they work, why you would/could use them, and what requirements you would need to push X-amount of monitors.



in one of them you could also touch on if it's best to have all monitors the exact same make, model, and resolution, or having a hodge podge of random monitors, the good, bad and ugly of doing more than 2 monitors.

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On 3/20/2019 at 2:16 PM, CPotter said:

Hit us with your best Linus Tech Tips video suggestions! This is to replace our old "What should we review next" thread. Linus or one of the writers will read these suggestions, but they may not reply to you in this thread directly.


Linus Tech Tips

Okay Mr. Potter, I got some very very serious ideas for ya:


#1 - you guys have done server CPU reviews with 28, 32, 56, 64, and even 72 cores. Why not up the ante with ONE HUNDRED and TWELVE (112) CORES?


Here's a taste:







  • New Configurations (pretty please?):
  • Xeon Platinum 9242** (48 Cores @ 2.3-3.8Ghz) ~ $24,000 to $30,000***
  • Xeon Platinum 9282** (56 cores @ 2.6-3.8Ghz) ~ $25,000 to $40,000***
  • 4 x Xeon Platinum 8180* (112 cores) ~ $28,128
  • 2 x Xeon Platinum 9242** (96 cores) ~ $48,000 to $60,000***
  • 2 x Xeon Platinum 9282** (112 cores) ~ $50,000 to $80,000***
  • Cinebench R20 or CINEBENCH XTREME (Cinebench R15 mod -- the one used in your Water Cooled OC Server video)
  • TOTAL: 96-112 cores


Related image


Note of concern: I know you guys can afford to splurge a ton for your occasional "HOLY SH!T" videos, but if it's only going to be an insane 'one-and-done' thing (like dual or quad 8th-9th Gen XeonSPs with 112 cores, 224 threads, 256GB RAM, 2TB OPTANE persistent memory, 192TB SSD storage, 96GB VRAM, and 32.6 Teraflops of GPU horsepower insane) PLEASE ask Intel and Nvidia to lend you some review hardware. I would be really sorry for you guys if $75,000+ was spent on a video when it could have been put to better use.


Hell, if you are going to spend 125 syrupy grand on server upgrades**** ~ this would be the perfect sleeper: The SGI Onyx RealityEngine2 😛


*LGA 3647

**BGA 5903

***predicted costs based on pricing of current-gen XeonSP processors (see end of the article)

****Dual Xeon Platinum 9282s and supporting hardware, 100TB network switch boards, 2nd set of Storinators/petabyte storage drives, a server slot full of 24TB Optane SSD high-tier storage, a dozen NV-linked Quadro RTX 8000s or RTX 2080TIs, and like couple terabytes of Optane persistent memory DIMMs maybe? 


If you guys decide to check out what dual or quad Xeons are like in say.......3 years, things will probably be even more amazorgs. Or as the old tech monk said, "it will always be better and faster next year."



#2 - Power classy AR glasses using YOUR PHONE!


Introducing............the nReal Light!



Here's the classy:




























  • Integrated Heads-Up Display

  • Premium Carbon Fiber Shell

  • Pinlock Visor and Clear Anti-fog Pinlock Lens

  • Emergency Quick Release Straps (EQRS)

  • DOT Certified

  • ECE Certification Underway


  • Rearview camera

  • Turn-by-turn navigation

  • Smart-phone integration

  • Hands-free music controls


  • Supplemental modular comfort padding

  • Removable chin skirt

  • Intermediate Oval Shell Shape

  • 3lb 13oz, 1729g

  • Review below:

Additional Images:




Image result for crosshelmet
Luster Black, Iron Silver
363mm x 274mm x 315mm
Medium 58-60cm, Large 61-63cm
Clear, Tinted, Photochromic
Early 2019
Department of Transportation (DOT)
ECE 22.05
4.1 BLE
Solid-State Lithium-Ceramic
6-8 Hours
iOS, Android
Open Source
$1,599 (for one)
$3,099 (for two)
Official Site: 
Additional Images and Videos:




























EDIT #1 (4/8/19): You guys already showcased a prototype "smart helmet" by BMW at CES 2016. Can you please do a full follow-up review with a production unit made by BMW, Skully, or CrossHelmet?
Hope to see some sweet reviews of these from you guys! xD
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21 minutes ago, Tom Kingston said:

Maple syrup cooled PC

Just because they used a terrible idea as an April Fool's Day joke doesn't mean they're looking for more.

Make sure to quote or tag me (@JoostinOnline) or I won't see your response!

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I have a feeling its viscosity wouldn't work favorably with that scenario.

Volume / Normalized 100% / 89% (content loudness 1.0dB)

Yes, I'm gay and don't give a shit about pride. My sexuality isn't my personality; my VHS tapes and my video captures are.

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1 minute ago, mariushm said:

Any person with a bit of brain would tell you that sugars don't work well with heat ..

PC temps ~100C is fine for sugar, far lower than what temp sugar can handle before carbonized.. but it sure will vapourize the solvent quickly

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43 minutes ago, Tom Kingston said:

Maple syrup cooled PC

April Fools was three days ago though..?

In my head I'm just seeing this not work at all.. But I guess Jay can use this idea as a followup to this video:


"There's no such thing as perfect. You're beautiful as you are Courage. With all your imperfections you can do anything." - Bathtub Barracuda

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CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 || Motherboard: MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon || RAM: 2x8GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3200Mhz (running at 2933Mhz) || GPU: Gigabyte Auros RX 580 4GB || Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 250GB + Seagate Barracuda 2TB || Cooling: Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3 || Case: Thermaltake Core G21 TG || PSU: Corsair RMx 750W


Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT-990 250 Ohm || Mouse: Roccat Kiro || Keyboard: Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro S RGB || Mousepad: CM Storm Swift-RX XXL || Graphics tablet: Wacom Intuos Pen Small

Old PC:

CPU: AMD Athlon X2 255 || Motherboard: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO || RAM: 4x2GB DDR3 || GPU: Nvidia Quadro 512MB || Case: Antec Sonata III || PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500W Bronze

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Setup: Current setup

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I think you should do a fully connected smart home. From whole home audio controlled by A L E X A or another assistant to ease of life. Some tony stark type stuff

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On 4/2/2019 at 8:11 AM, Furiku said:

Gaming setup powered by human sized hamsterwheel or bicycles hooked up to dynamos. 


Just think of Linus gaming while several staff members are powering the rig on bicycles or the hamster wheel.

They already did this but with a tread mill.

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On 4/4/2019 at 12:43 PM, StrangeOue said:

How about a compilation. A compilation of every time Linus has dropped something.


Um.......the Top 4?






edit: Raja Korduri did the last one, but still 😛


On 4/4/2019 at 8:37 AM, PolishedKarma13 said:

I think you should do a fully connected smart home. From whole home audio controlled by A L E X A or another assistant to ease of life. Some tony stark type stuff

They did kinda. Just not the entire house.


Linus did a video or three on smart speakers ~ Apple HomePod, Google Home Max & Mini, and Amazon Echo Dot starring Big Mouth Billy Bass (my favorite :D):




And a bluetooth showerhead:


And Facebook's dedicated Skype-machine (the Portal):


And his smartphone-activated '80s garage door:


And a prototype Renault self-driving car (way ahead of Tesla):


And 3 other dodads like a smart bathrug and the Philips Hue (when the script incapacitates Linus xD):




But yeah it would be kind of cool if they did a "HOME OF THE FUTURE" with all kinds of smart-appliances and gadgets 😙

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@Tom Kingston

Your thread was merged here. Please take the time to post in the appropriate area.

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I have had a consept.. kicking around for.. Probably 10 years. I want to try "mains fed water cooling", "cool" depends on the season) mains water would be circulated around the system, using standard water cooling fittings (but without a pump and maybe even a rad), achieving sub ambient temps. Where to dump the running water? It could just be pored down the drain for best cooling, but I imagine it could just be put back into the system as a passive.. ish system, dissipating heat throughout the system, until a toilet is flushed or a tap is turned on boosting the effect.


Loved whole room water Cooling (actually another idea I'd thought of but you did it wrong 😛). I don't have the time or the resorses to try it myself only to see it fail (though I'm convinced it.. "Should" work OK if not well).


Please consider giving it a try. 

I'd be very interested to see if the water would become too warm the be considered "cold" water.


My hunch is that even doing a burn in test should see great temps at 0db (if there needs to be a rad does it even need to be in the same room?) 


Don't data centers do something like this? 

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5 hours ago, wkdpaul said:

@Tom Kingston

Your thread was merged here. Please take the time to post in the appropriate area.

Can we make this thread a subforum if there are enough great ideas?


edit: never mind. The opening post got me my answer (having a single video suggestion thread probably means less work for you mods).

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