Credit to: @valdyrgramr @GoldenLag @mxk. @XR6 @VegetableStu @Jurrunio   The following list is based on facts, ranked on power delivery and known problems. The list will include modern motherboards for both Intel and AMD chips From Asus, Asrock, Biostar EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, NZXT and Supermicro (chipsets will be listed). We’ll include the recommended chips we would do with the boards.   For advanced users:   Intel (x299, z390, z370, h370, b360, b365, h310)   Tier S Extreme overclocking (i7oc, i9oc) Asus: Maximus XI extreme, Maximus X extreme, Rampage VI Apex, Rampage VI, Maximus XI Gene, Maximus X Apex, Maximus XI Apex EVGA: Dark Gigabyte: Aorus Xtreme (WaterForce), x299-aorus gaming 9 MSI: MEG Godlike, MEG creation   Tier A High-end gaming (i5oc, i7oc, i9oc) Asrock: Taichi (ultimate) (xe), x299-Extreme4, Phantom Gaming 9, x299-fatal1ty (xe) EVGA: FTW, Classified K, Micro Gigabyte: Designare, Aorus Master, z390-Aorus Ultra, z390-Aorus Pro, z390-Aorus Elite, Aorus Gaming 7, x299-gaming 7 (pro) MSI: M7, MEG ACE   Tier B Mainstream gaming (i5oc, i7oc) Asus: zxxx-Strix, x299-strix, Maximus XI Formula/Hero/Code, Maximus X Formula/Hero/Code, zxxx-Prime-A, X299-TUF, X299-Prime Deluxe Asrock: Phantom Gaming ITX/6/atx-ac/, zxxx-Fatal1ty, z370/z390-Extreme4
Biostar: B360GT3S, B360GT5S, Z370GT6 Gigabyte: z390-Gaming SLI/plus/m gaming, Gaming 5, x299-aorus gaming 3 (pro), x299-aorus ultra gaming, x299-aorus ultra gaming pro MSI: zzxx-Pro Carbon, Edge, MPG, M5, Krait, x299-sli plus NZXT: N7   Tier C Value gaming (i3oc, i5oc, i7) Asus: hxxx-Strix, bxxx-Strix Asrock: zxxx-Pro4, Phantom Gaming 4, ATX/ac, Killer/SLI, hxxx-fatal1ty, bxxx-fatal1ty, Bxxx-Pro4 Gigabyte: Gaming 3, UD4, z390-UD MSI: Tomahawk, Mortar, Gaming Pro, bazooka, hxxx-pro carbon, Gaming Pro, Raider, zxxx-SLI plus   Tier D Basic (pentium, celeron, i3, i5) Asus: TUF, Prime-P, Prime-Plus, Prime-C Asrock: hxxx-Pro4, HDV, DGS, HDVP EVGA: Stinger Gigabyte: D3, XP, HD3, DS3H, N-wifi, s2p, n, m h, d3, S2, DS2V, HD2 MSI: A-Pro, PC-pro, Gaming Plus, Pro-VDH, Pro-VD, Pro-VH, Pro-D, Pro-VHL, Pro-VL   Tier W: Workstation (i7, i9) Asus: WS Pro, WS Sage Supermicro: CGW-O   AMD (b350, b450, x370, x470, x399)   Tier S Extreme (LN2) overclocking (r7oc, Threadripper 1000oc/2000oc) Asus: Crosshair VI extreme, Zenith extreme (alpha) Gigabyte: Aorus Xtreme MSI: MEG creation   Tier A High-end gaming (r7oc, Threadripper 1000oc/Threadripper 2000) Asus: Crosshair VII hero, Crosshair VI hero, x399-Strix, x399-Prime A, X470/X370-Strix Asrock: Taichi (ultimate) Biostar: X370GT7 Gigabyte: Aorus gaming 7, x470-Aorus 5, Aorus Ultra, Designare, aorus i MSI: M7, x470/x399-pro carbon, x399-sli plus, b450-gaming plus itx, b450-Tomahawk, b450-mortar, b450-bazooka plus   Tier B Mainstream gaming (r5oc, r7oc, Threadripper 1000) Asus: Prime Pro, B450-Strix (other) Asrock: b450-fatal1ty, b450-pro4, phantom gaming 6, Steel Legend
Biostar: x470GTN, x370GTN, B350GT3 Gigabyte: Aorus Elite, gaming k7, gaming k5, ax370-aorus gaming 5, Aorus pro,  Aorus m, aorus pro wifi MSI:  x470-Gaming Pro, b450-pro carbon, b450-bazooka, x470-gaming plus, Gaming pro   Tier C Value gaming (r3oc, r5) Asus: b350-strix, B450-TUF, B450-strix E/F Asrock: Killer/SLI, Master SLI/AC, b450/x370-gaming ITX/AC, ab350 pro4 MSI:  X370 Gaming Plus, SLI-plus, Xpower, x370-gaming pro, krait, pro carbon, gaming k3, b350-tomahawk, b350-mortar, b350-bazooka, b350-pro carbon   Tier D Basic (Athlon, r3) Asus: other TUF, Prime-plus, Prime-a, prime-e, all a320 boards Asrock: HDV, all a320 boards Biostar: X470GT8, B350GTN, all a320 boards Gigabyte: DS3H, ax370-gaming 3, ab350-gaming 3, ax370-gaming, ab350-gaming, all a320 boards MSI: A-pro, pro-vdh, pro-vh pro-m2, all a320 boards   notes   Sources: