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Poor image quality after bad reboot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

A couple years ago (a long time i know) i was gaming and then started getting fps drops, so i hit the reset button and a flash went off in my case followed by a smell, and when it got into windows everything had become slightly blurry

After this i reformatted and tried some other stuff, then ended up building a new pc and even that was blurry which made no sense to me

Luckily i have a couple old screenshots from my old rig of how things used to output and i made this comparison photo of some taskbar icons but it affects everything including games


The quality now is just really bad, it looks like the color and intensity of each pixel is now alot dimmer than before and even the taskbar background color is pixelated, kind of like the whole computer putting out the screen image as a compressed .jpg instead of a .bmp is the best way i can explain it



Has anyone ever experienced this and/or might know how to fix it?

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Same monitor?


Im mostly on discord now and you can find me on my profile


My Build: Xeon 2630L V, RX 560 2gb, 8gb ddr4 1866, EVGA 450BV 

My Laptop #1: i3-5020U, 8gb of DDR3, Intel HD 5500



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check dpi scaling. setting>system>100%

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 3/22/2019 at 4:10 AM, zassou said:

check dpi scaling. setting>system>100%

Tried that, still blurry, are you sure its the dpi scaling?

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