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credit card bug with floatplane

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Posted · Original PosterOP

there is a bug that if your payment method expires it doesnt prompt your to enter a new payment but still allows you access to the sight and to view the content. 

but be assured that i re-entered my payment method as soon as I noticed it. 

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That's a floatplane buig, please contact the floatplane support staff for that

75% of what I say is sarcastic


So is the rest probably

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This is in fact intended behaviour: when a subscription cannot be renewed, we'll provide a grace-period of two days during which payment collection will be retried.

If no payment could be collected throughout this grace-period, then access will be fully revoked until the user has things sorted out on their end (either ensuring linked payment methods have appropriate funds, linking a valid payment method, etc.).

Thanks for your report, but be assured that everything is in appropriate working order here!

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