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Powercolor Devilbox eGPU issues

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So basically I'm using this Powercolor Devilbox enclosure to power my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga (second gen I'm pretty sure). I have been using it for almost 2 years without any problems, but it has just started this weird power issue. Whenever I connect it to my laptop, the GPU fans will either start up and then lose power or immediately lose power. Then randomly the fan starts to wobble some as if it's being sent intermittent power.  To see if it's just the GPU, I plugged in my keyboard into it and the RGB lights work on it but it does not type. The weirdest thing is the case fans for it and included LED strips work perfectly fine with no sign of power loss (the fans are connected via PWM to the "motherboard" while the LED strips connect via Molex directly from the PSU). Also when the GPU is connected to an external monitor, the display seems to disconnect and reconnect really quickly back and forth as if there were a loose connection (which there is not since I have used this monitor with other setups including the cable). I don't know what to do since the warranty expired. The GPU I use is an EVGA 970 SC that I'm pretty positive it's not causing the problem. 


BTW: I know there was a firmware update for this product but was never able to get it to work so no I did not install it

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I'd recommend to either test with another GPU or take it to a technician. If it's not the GPU that's failing on you you may have a psu failing inside the enclosure.

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