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Cannabis in Canada

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On 3/19/2019 at 6:11 PM, Donut417 said:

First of all its illegal in the US at the Federal Level and seeing how you have to deal with US Customs, your going to be fucked up the ass if they catch it. While states are legalizing it, you can still be arrested for having it by Federal Agents. While this is not an issue most places, if your caught with it on Federal Property such as a Federal building, Court house or even the Interstate System, then you can be arrested. 


You dont have to go all the way to Canada to enjoy it. You can just go to a state that its legal. Of course you need to research state laws to see what applies and such. We just Legalized it here in Michigan, though you cant just go a buy it yet, while your allowed to possess and smoke it, they are still working out the rules that will govern dispensaries, because your not allowed to buy from a Medial Dispensary unless you have a medical card from your doctor. 


On 3/18/2019 at 10:16 PM, 8uhbbhu8 said:

Problem with crossing the border (as some of you have suggested) is federally in the US its still illegal. So if you ever admit to having it ever at any US border or get caught with it, your considered breaking the law and are actually ineligible for admission into the US. Same with Canadians going there. Never admit you've had it and certainly never carry it through.


On 3/18/2019 at 9:54 PM, Drak3 said:

Except federal law.

wait how can states legalize it if its against federal law i thought federal law trumps state law

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34 minutes ago, spartaman64 said:



wait how can states legalize it if its against federal law i thought federal law trumps state law

It does. However, in this instance (and in the case of ineffective and excessive gun control) the Federal Government doesn’t care.

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39 minutes ago, spartaman64 said:

wait how can states legalize it if its against federal law i thought federal law trumps state law

How indeed 😉


It's a delicate balance. For a regular customer it might as well be legal since those don't have much contact with federal law enforcement (except when crossing borders) and stay mostly under the radar. State police will leave you alone.


It's the business owners and growers who have sometimes troubles with keeping the Feds off their backs (problems with banks, taxes etc.).


No wonder sometimes they call it "ask your mother" law - as in, one parent telling you something is OK, while the other clearly disapproves. As long as you do it with fathers approval behind mother's back, you are fine but if she catches you, she will overrule it :D

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You asked about legal weed in Canada. So here are my 2 cents: 


- The weed you legally buy is overpriced and...meh. The buds are dry because some of the oils/crystals are removed to produce other products like keef. There is an excessive amount of packaging for a small amount of grass. No edibles allowed but for some reason high concentrate THC oil is totally fine. 

- Buying weed on the grey market is where it’s at. Order online. Get good weed at your doorstep. Lots of edibles to choose from. The watermelon gummies are fire! I have done it for years without a problem. Even before legalization. 

- The black market has even better weed at better prices. But having a dealer is a hassle. 

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14 hours ago, KaraKub said:

AlexSolo, Thank you!

No problemo! ;)

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On 8/1/2019 at 9:02 AM, spartaman64 said:

wait how can states legalize it if its against federal law i thought federal law trumps state law

The DEA doesnt give a shit about the drug dealer on the street corner, they are after the drug cartels trying to sneak it in or try to stop the opioid epidemic. Thats how states get away with it, because now they legalize it and dont have to pay to keep those type of people in prison any longer. So its cheaper on them. Then that leaves cops to deal with real crimes like murder and shit. Honestly its only a matter of time before the Feds decide to legalize and tax it themselves. I mean look at Prohibition, did not succeed. The government knows this, and im sure they see the amount of money Colorado is raking in. 

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