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Westinghouse L2210NW Issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, I have had this monitor for several years, and it has always been my favorite monitor I have ever owned. My old, and trusty Westinghouse L2210NW 16:10, 1050p monitor. Well, within the past few days it has recently gained a problem. When I turn my computer off for the night, and return to it the next morning, and turn everything on, my monitor will not work unless unplugged, and re-plugging the power cable back in it in several times. Here is a short list of what it does:


Upon first turn on of day, it will be just plan black, or grey, but the light on the bottom will be on, and I cannot turn it off

After several replugs, the bottom half of the screen will be black or grey, and the top half will have horizontal white lines

After a few more replugs, the monitor will work as it has for the past nearly decade


Does this mean that my monitor is dying? Or is there just something simple that I'm not thinking about? Any help would be appreciated, as I would love to keep the monitor in working condition for as long as I have this computer

CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 GPU: MSi GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC RAM: 14GB DDR3 (3x2GB, 1x8GB) Mobo: Acer MB.GAU07.001 Case: Gateway DX4860 PSU: EVGA 600W Bronze Plus

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