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MX Vertical

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They probably try to charge it because they can, people who are looking to buy a mouse like this probably are willing to drop the extra money on it because they can.


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Posted · Original PosterOP
3 hours ago, beyonddc said:

Exactly what @alatron978 said.  It is because they can.  Most people go by the brand name.


Are you looking for recommendation on vertical mouse?

Yes, so far Im looking at the anker vertical mouse and it looks promising

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I have been using the Anker Vertical Mouse for 6 years already.  I originally had the wired version then switched to wireless.  I did have an issue with the wireless mouse but I got a replacement through their warranty so warranty does exist.


Aside from the Anker Vertical Mouse, I also have interest in the Contour Unimouse.  I might get that mouse if I need in a replacement in the future.  https://www.contourdesign.com/product/unimouse/

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