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Brandon Preshyon

Windows 10 Make driver installation faster

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Posted · Original PosterOP

okay here's what i'm trying to figure out

can you add your Drivers to a Windows 10 Installation USB

so that you can install windows on your computer an not have to worry about installing drivers

if anyone knows how to do this please let me know


also i reinstall windows once a year just to start with a clean slate but

its frustrating to find the drivers. To enable ethernet drivers some times it works after install an some times it don't

so i have to always get the drivers using another computer but if i can get it so the installation media already has my drivers it would

save me alot of trouble 

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Your post have no sense. You want to create Windows installer with drivers, but after a year, when you decided to made pointless "clean install" again, your installation media will be outdated anyway.


My advice is - do not made clean install, it's not needed. Especially if you have problems after.

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Use Double Driver software to back and restore drives quickly.

You can inject drives via DISM for what you want, but its harder. than just making a cloned image.

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Bookmark pages where you get drivers. That way you can download latest ones once you install OS. But Win10 should be able to find most of drivers anyway. The rest, like GPU and some peripherals where driver is actually companion software, you need to do manually.

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