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Can't remove gpu

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Trying to remove gpu from freinds pc not built by me, and i can't figure out how to remove the gpu cus i can't pull it up out of the pci slot as the metal tabs in the way. And it can't come up because the case is in the way and it can't go right to pull it out because it's still in the pci slot. Any ideas sorry if it's just my retarded drunk brain not seeing the obvious



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That black bracket on the second image can come off via the screw on the right 

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I don't know what GPU you have but for I had a GT 630 (730? don't remember lol) once and the little notch was actually on the motherboard of the GPU and you just had to move it around a bit. What I would recommend is to check the nooks and crannies of GPU itself and you'll eventually find a way to release the beast.

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PSW, CASE, MOBO – Those are relevant?


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