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iPhone X screen acting weird in dark themes

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone, I have had my iphone x for almost half a year now and it's been truly amazing but recently with the push of dark mode in many of the apps I've noticed something. When I am using dark mode in messenger, twitter, reddit wherever there are icons and such when I scroll down or wiggle up and down fast there seems to be this (bear with me as I have absolutely no idea how to explain it and screen record doesn't show it) delayed follow-up of icons almost as if I am dragging them as well, sort of like they're are bleeding (not the normal color bleed we're familiar with but more like blood dripping down). However, I noticed this happens only when brightness is below say 40%, anything above that it's not that noticeable and above 70% it disappears completely. So .. is anyone experiencing this as well? Any ways to fix this?




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I have this on myOnePlus 5T as well and, as far as I know, you can't do anything about it because that's just how the screen is.

Make sure to quote or tag people, so they get notified.

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