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FM. H. Ben

Arma 3 Milsim Unit Semi Realism 13th Air Assault Regiment

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The 13th Air Assault Regiment is a British based milsim unit that mainly operates via aircraft insertion and provides close air support/reconnaissance. The 13th Air Assault Regiment was established on the 13th of March 2019, 13thAAR is based in Taksitan but will also be moving to other islands/countries to provide logistical support. The unit has an alliance with 1st Force Recon unit, together we can achieve anything.


Training will start of with you learning the types of gear we will be working with, weapons, medical equipment etc.. We will then move onto operating a rifle (mainly the m4) in different scenarios. After learning to operate a rifle, the next training will be operating grenades, this is with ace and with ace shrapnel is a big thing hence why we need to teach you the correct procedures. Now onto the formations, formations are a key tactic in the battlefield so that the squad or platoon has an advantage in different scenarios.


(highest rank at bottom)


Lance Corporal


Colour Sergeant/Drill sergeant

2nd Lieutenant



-----------------------------------------------------------------Teamspeak------------------------------------------------------ (www.teamspeak.com)


https://discord.gg/RFUqqCg (www.discorda.com)
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