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Apache2 Webserver Slow

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everybody

I host a Apache2 Webserver on my Synology NAS. I use it for DokuWiki. After 1 month in use the Server gets slower and slower.

Any Idea why i have this Problem?









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Well I don't know your NAS or home network setup, but there's a load of different possible causes for what you're experiencing.


How big is your doku wiki? Saving to text files (which is what doku wiki is doing) is slower than using a database, so that may be a part of your problem. Your NAS may just be getting hit hard while you're trying to access the wiki, which could cause some serious slowdowns as well.


You can try restarting apache to see it that helps...

75% of what I say is sarcastic


So is the rest probably

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