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GPU or PSU Problem?

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So it has been almost a month with my new pc build and then all of a sudden during a game the pc shut off and it would not turn back on. I have a tx650M corsair psu and xfx rx 580 GPU. The system powers when there the 8 pin is not plugged into the gpu. When I just have 8 pin in the gpu and not the psu then there is a red light on the rx 580 but I cannot seem to get the 8 pin directly plugged into the psu without the pc turning on. There is a click when I try to turn it on but that it is. I tried using two different 8 pin cords and same problem. Is there a problem with the gpu or psu, I bought both of these brand new from newegg. 

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This sounds really weird.

From my understanding, the PC will refuse to turn on if the 8-pin power on the GPU is plugged into the PSU. But it will turn on when the GPU isn't plugged in?

I have two guesses for why this could be happening.

1. Your PSU is faulty and you should try and get a new one from Corsair. Corsair is still a great brand! You just got a dud.

2. This is much less likely, but your PC may be wanting more power than what the PSU can deliver. If your PC has been running for a month now, I highly doubt this.

I have two solutions for this. 

1. See if you can borrow a more powerful PSU from a friend that's compatible with your parts, and hasn't failed on your bud. If you can get that to run, under some kind of task, (I would recommend something like a benchmark so that it puts everything at max capacity) then you would simply need a new PSU.

2. If your a PUSS- haha just kidding. If you're a bit worried over whether or not you should test a PSU that doesn't belong to you, I would just buy a new one.

If it fails again after a while, then there is something else that's wrong with your PC.

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