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Shift key is stuck please help me

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Posted · Original PosterOP

windows ten ( i cant even type numbers ) basically whatever i do to the keyboard its as if the shift button is pressed which means when i do lattercase it does CAPS and also when i do numbers it does the symbols plus i cant even scroll and whenever i open a new tab it completely takes me to an other google it doesnt just add a tab 
when i click "comma" it does this : "<" when i click dot it does this ">" when i restart the pc it takes me to a profile thingie where it asks me a bunch of options like restore data or whatever 
anyway ive searched some shit and nothing comes up and its rly frustrating


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Have you tried another keyboard or taking off your shift keycap and cleaning it?

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You didn't turn on sticky keys or something, right? :)


Is the physical key stuck down, or is it "electrically stuck"?  What kind of keyboard?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


the keyboard is fine infact when i restart  the pc the keyboard is working normally but once i get in the home page it does this autistic behaviour
also sticky keys are all unticked ive searched all those trust me

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I had a shortcut a while ago that I couldn't find the solution to what had been pressed... I couldn't even log into windows etc and it wasn't sticky keys or anything else that I tried.

In the end I used the onscreen keyboard to log in to windows and then used system restore to a few days prior to that happening and that fixed it.

Just for sanity's sake, try the keyboard on a different device to check it's not the keyboard itself... and if it's not the keyboard, hopefully you have a recent restore point you can use at least?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i deleted and downloaded windows , it also deleted my games and google and everything , but now its fixed... So now i have to download some shit for days because there's absolutely no fucking solution on this matter...

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