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2 audio inputs 1 headset (Bluetooth)

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Im trying to listen to music while I work that's my goal.

 At work I have a old Motorola walkie-talkie it has Bluetooth output we are supposed to wear a earpiece so that others can't hear what we are saying over the radio I'm allowed to use pretty much any headset I want as long as it is the in ear design what I want to do is play music through my ear piece or Bluetooth headphones while still able to talk or receive calls through the radio on the headset I don't mind carrying a dac or even buying a new head set I just want to be able to receive calls from the radio and listen to music from my phone on the headset I wear

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You could see if it's possible to run that input through your computer along with your music and then just output that to your headset. I don't really have time to look into it at the moment, but there might even be a radio PCI(-E) card you could use for the radio.

"uhhhhhhhhhh yeah id go with the 2600 its a good value for the money"

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