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Case fans question

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I am using Asus Prime B350M-A, and am going to buy a new case, NZXT's H400. 


The case comes with 3x 120mm fans, and I'm interested in buying 2x 140mm fans to place at the front for intake, and the 3x 120mm fans will be for exhaust. 


My question is, the mobo only has 1x 4pin chassis fan connector, so what are my options, and is this even possible? 


Thanks in advance! 



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I'm pretty sure this is possible, but you'll need a splitter thing to be able to connect the cables, and I don't really like using splitters.

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You need powered splitter. Each header can safely run up to 3 fans. Or you can buy NZXT Grid3 which supports PWM fans.

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