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What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

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On 3/11/2019 at 2:56 PM, RILEYISMYNAME said:


There's less than a year before Windows 7 security updates get cut off... What's an enthusiast to do!?


How to maximize your privacy on Windows 10:
How to delay Windows 10 updates:


Buy Windows 10:

On Amazon: https://geni.us/BIwyn2D
On Newegg: https://geni.us/3mlezw



Hi Linus, i'm sorry about what you are saying in your video! to my point of view of a old ingeneer you speech look to me a repeate of marketing.


I'm a dies cores computer anything ... from PICO to MACRO


For me OS is only something made to serve application dot.


I'm making computer for robotic still using windows 98, yes they need RTOS

in my world i'm getting project that run Windows XP, Windows 7 and now Windows 10.

From Embedded version to LTSB 


And pretending that when windows stoip doing update you are death is stupid from a smart guys like you.

to access internet with full security ? use the browser Opera that-it.

Need to have more security ? get a antivirus that is not base from microsoft visual series.


and you will be fine ... even with windows 98!  and you old computer will still be flying like a charms.


if you a pretended hacker well don't! because you are going to bad site this is not for you.


Continue your good work




First let's talk about need!

What does the normal user does with is computer ?


-- All of them some email 70%

-- Games ? Well if your are a gamer ? 30% of users at this moment!

-- Taking care of communication with my kids? 25% this mean you are parent.

-- Taking care of budget? 10% well this is the case of non-gamer

-- Watching Youtube/Daily/IPTv? 45% those are the non computerize users.


-- Email 99%

-- Finance 99% depend of the size and organisation


-- Gamer 50%

-- IPtv/Youtube etc .... 50%

** Survey made in Trois-rivières 4000 responders,  December 2017


Which OS was in use ....

MAC OSx : 12%

Windows10: 21%

Windows 7: 31%

WindowsXP: 24%

Windows (Others) 9%

Linux style: 3%


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1 hour ago, GodAtum said:

what utter crap ... I use Windows 2000 and have never got a virus!

How do you know that? Most of today's viruses keep a low profile so they won't get removed.



As long as anyone is oppressed, no one will be safe and free.

One has to be proactive, not reactive, to ensure the safety of one's data so backup your data! And RAID is NOT a backup!


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1 hour ago, GodAtum said:

what utter crap ... I use Windows 2000 and have never got a virus!

I agree that this stuff is way over-hyped.


When it happens that someone gets a virus, then it can be a mess to deal with (though often is not a big deal), and businesses of course need to ensure they have maximum protection. But, the chances of getting a virus come down to a person's online practices, and in typical situations getting rid of a virus is not too difficult. And if a virus happens to totally mess up a PC, then, while that can be a bit deal, it's not like being in a car accident without a seat belt on. Yet, so many people treat it like it is, and trying to intimidate and shame people for not doing whatever obsessive security procedures they tell themselves they're a upstanding moral person fulfilling their civic duty for doing.


Some people put way to much importance on this stuff without thinking about the context of the particular use-case. Computer safety != physical safety, yet some people react as if running an OS without updates or disabling Windows security features is as vile as dangling a baby over a hi-rise balcony.


If you like Windows 7, and you are a non-business user, and you have any essential stuff backed up, then there's no reason to stop using Windows 7 or Vista or XP after they stop receiving updates. I've ran Windows 7 since 2015 without updating it and had no issues. On the other side of things, Windows 10 updates have bricked my Windows 10 boot 3 times since 2015. Obviously, updating is a security risk of its own, and in my case has proven to be far greater a risk than disabling updates.

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