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I want a TV for my bedroom that gets very dark.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

For the last year I have been without a TV in my room in my new apartment. Partially because there is honestly nowhere to put it. The other issue, the flashing of dark to bright scenes keeps me awake. I always lower the TV brightness and backlight as low as it can go in the bedroom. For some TVs that works enough. Not so much for others. For a while I used my PC (no longer in my room) which worked great as when I wanted to sleep I turned off the monitor, allowing the sound to continue. Though of course I did have to get up to turn off the monitor.

So, is anyone aware of a TV that maybe allows the display to be turned off or has the ability to get very dark? Being able to easily switch between dark and bright would also be great.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 3/6/2019 at 11:54 PM, SydneySideSteveSomewheres said:

@TechSquidTV most televisions have a function where you can set a countdown timer to shut off, navigate to that, mine is quite long at 120 minutes. Would that be long enough?

Not quite though I do that now. I was really hoping to leave the sound on while turning off the visuals or lowering the backlight a lot. That way I can listen to the TV without being woken up by the lights. I know its an odd and difficult ask. 


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Bruh sound effect #2. Just close your eyes and think about a TV and sleep. I say go with one of the older (2010-2013) Samsung led back-lit ones. Cheap. Decent quality. Mine get very dark and colours are good. 

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