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Windows explorer having a mental breakdown

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, we upgraded our rig yesterday from a i7 5820k with an ASUS X99-A motherboard to a i9 9900k with a Gigabyte Z390 board. Hardware wise everything went smoothly. Now on the the software bit, aka Windows acting up. After the upgrade, we reset Windows to remove the drivers and any remaining junk from the previous components. We installed all the drivers needed, re-activated windows (surprisingly without hassle) and went on our merry way, everything was working fine and the machine was stable. Now this morning I’m sitting here sorting through files moving stuff from one drive to another. Ya know, super intensive stuff. Windows explorer, however, is just not having any of it today, constantly freezing, crashing or erroring out, none of which in a consistent manner. I’m grasping for straws as I don’t even know where to start looking for answers here. The files in question are being moved from one external drive to another, both these drives have been in full working order, both NTFS as well and both connect via USB3. The only error code I’ve gotten, and only gotten once, was 0x80070079 saying “the semaphore timeout period has expired” and googling it only gives me guides to fix network adapters and related drivers. If anyone can provide a clue as to what’s happening I’d really appreciate it. It only seems to have its little crisis when attempting to move large amounts of files (not necessarily large files though), for example I can move photos around in clusters but If I try to move a folder with 83 photos (around 700MB) it’ll just freeze early on in the transfer.


Full spec list:

i9 9900k

GTX 1080ti

Z390 mb

32gb ram

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I'm pretty sure Semaphore is used by the OS to block so that one thread can't write while another is reading and another can't read while the other is writing. Do you have any overclocks on anything? Did you update BIOS and chipset as well?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

We haven’t overclocked yet, it’s running stock. I just installed all the drivers from the Gigabyte website and that’s it. How would I go about updating the BIOS and chipset? I didn’t think I’d need to considering the whole OS was reset anyways.

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