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RAID for 8 1TB Hard Drives

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1 hour ago, Jarsky said:

ZFS doesn't allow you to do this? If you want to expand a ZFS pool that has raidz then you need to create another raidz vdev and add it to the pool....

You also cant mix different size drives within a single vdev in the pool..


Storage Spaces with ReFS does pretty much everything BTRFS does. 


ZFS for sure doesn't allow this.


There are two ways to expand ZFS:

1. Create an entirely new pool, and span them together (Effectively creating something like a RAID50 or RAID60, depending on what the original pools were like).

2. Replace one drive at a time, rebuild between each drive replacement, once the last drive is in place, expand pool.


They are working on ZFS pool reflowing to allow for "quick" expansion (Basically just add in your new drives, and it'll run a process that deals with the rest), but it's probably still a long way from public release.

For Sale (lots of stuff):


[FS] [CAD] Various things



* Intel i7-4770K * ASRock Z97 Anniversary * 16GB RAM * 750w Seasonic Modular PSU *

* Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Primary) * Hitachi 500GB HDD (Secondary) *

* Gigabyte HD 7950 WF3 * SATA Blu-Ray Writer * Logitech g710+ * Windows 10 Pro x64 *


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