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VIP Ticket Wanted

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Two of my friends were lucky enough to get VIP tickets for the trip I unfortunately planned, so they will be going on the adventure of VIP land without me. However, I am willing to pay a more than likely ludacris amount of money to get a VIP swapped over to me. I am not sure of the logistics of purchasing a VIP ticket but if you are willing to figure it out with me i'd be willing to pay cover essentially the rest of your trip and give you my merchpass/two-day pass that I currently have. 

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I believe they're non-transferable. 

Doing some VERY rough math (not at all scientific)

8,339,737 LTT subscribers

If 0.1% of that group cares about LTX, you'll have 8300 raging nerds trying to get tickets. 
If 2% of that group REALLY wants VIP tickets, you're looking at 166 raging nerds trying to get tickets. This assumes 0 of them have significant others or friends they want to take with them.

The 20 VIP tickets sold out almost instantly. 

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