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Quick question regarding bot spam

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Posted · Original PosterOP

When reporting it, is it needed to fill anything out below? Or do the mods get the message anway even if nothing is typed?

Just wanted to be sure :D 

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It shows in reported system. No message is needed. But for clear bots you should use option saying it's bot spam. I think 5+ such labels and its hidden to wait for mod review. If you report something else, then adding some context on why you have reported it helps mods to act on it.

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For bot spam, just selecting "Bot spam" in the category is fine.

For pretty much everything else, it's helpful to include a brief description of the issue (eg the Tech News posting guideline that was missed, the section that a topic would be better suited in, etc).

If a post gets enough bot spam reports (where "enough" varies based on certain factors, but for the majority of actual bot spam will be 2 reports), it gets automatically hidden pending moderator review.

I don't work for Floatplane Media, so any Floatplane comments that I make are my own and may be incorrect or in conflict with the official view.


For Floatplane support, please use the wizard linked in this topic

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