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Linus Replies to Mean Comments

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I know that I came really late to the party but I wasn't aware of this video and saw it just now and had that itch to scratch...


Furthermore I hope that mods notice this because its digging up an old topic and besides "scratching that itch" I think what I am about to type is constrictive criticism and hope it will be received as feedback and in a way (having a mod noticing it) will actually work towards that, atleast I hope so....


So I watch Linus since the NCIX times and I was really happy when he took the risk to start his own channel and was rooting for this "underdog" 


And I was very sad since the "kitchen" times where it got to a point that imo the channel stagnated due to budget reasons (I assume) and watch essentially filled with unboxes reviews of not so interesting items (a particular video doesnt come up to mind yet but I am talking about gadgets and small stuff you would expect to find in kickstarter )


And I got very happy when they managed to get like more than $1,000,000 by user donations and this is my issue with him/his channel 


He seemed to get kind of arrogant after that (huge unnecessary expenses taken that essentially were "blinks" to brag about how big or huge he has gooten instead of investments for e.g tools/machines that would help benchmarks etc  even the name linus media group is kinda braggy ) but ok ...


What really ground my gear is that I remember Paul talking in a stream about an issue relative to some financial stuff of the channel and he was like pissed of telling that its nobody's business and stuff like that which (besides being grinchworthy) shows that they are ungrateful, 


I remember (and think I still have it on my archive) asking linus via a PM to test an ASUS hybrid cooled graphics card(water chamber + active cooling) that he already reviewed with liquids that have different boiling temps like acetone or alcohol. 


And his response was kinda arrogant and rude it was in the lines of "this idea is stupid <I am not saying that he used this particular word but also am not dismissing it, I just can't remember and am bored to check my pms right now> and he will not take the risk of adding alcohol in the water chamber... 


and I mean like "d00d you literally got 1M dollars for FREE and you are just so aggressive against a legitimate request from a follower on grounds of making you risk like a couple of hundret bucks ? (which btw even if he damaged his card which is unlikely imho a) he probably got it for free anyway b) he surely could rma it.. I rmaed successfully worse scenario cases and I don't have linus's hookups in the tech industry) 


And he generally rarely does give stuff back to the community... how many times did he give anything for free while other channels e.g (just as a reference ) Unboxtherappy where they like give 20 iphones or something to their followers... 


And the rare occasions he gave something up was due to sponsors so they essentially gave something up for draw and he just showed that on his channel (like the origin PC of late) 


And that shows arrogance and ungratefulness as well. 


Linus you are a public person since you decide to show yourself on a public medium as for example youtube plus you made a fortune out of other peoples money (legitimately but still) So if somebody -especially if its a huge group of people- questions you about something flunky/funny/controversial about what you do as a public person/channel etc then its not "your business" and they shouldnt shut up.... its one of the negatives of being a public person. 


And for God's sake show some appreciation for the people that literally made you what you are you got ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR FREE... I repeat FOR FREE who is lucky enough to get that kinda of money ?? Even TRUMP had to get a LOAN from his daddy to get 1M dollars!! You got it for FREE!!

And yet you are superconservative  do not give anything back to the community and generally arrogant.. Please dude your children(and grandchildren) will live a very comfortable financial life because some kids that liked your channel handed you over 1M dollars by using their daddy's credit cards as a donation atleast be grateful and a little humble. 


Ok that was it really hope Linus gets notice of this and thinks about how he could benefit from this opinion and don't just perma ban me :P 


Thanks a lot for your time. 

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Have Your Back Linus! 

You Have Been Awesome For Years & You & Your Mates Do A Great Job Of Putting The Non Bias Spin On The Tech World. 

Any & All That Wants To Mess With Linus, Just Let Me Know How We Can Have A Bloody Cup Of Tea Together! 

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awesome linus keep it up you do great work and you are one hell of a tech when you do things to help people with

you are great 

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On 2/26/2019 at 1:25 AM, James said:

Buy Linus on Amazon: https://geni.us/jjAj


Linus responds to mean comments left by viewers. You should be ashamed of yourselves!



This is the 7th time i am watching this video......I come to this when i want to have a good laugh.🤣🤣. This video is soooo goooooddd.......

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I don’t like (or better, I cringe at) Linus expressing weird (a bit teenager-y) reasonings about his entitlement to pirate (or rip or share with friends) media he already paid in some form and nobody challenging him on this because he’s the boss (or because they’re allowed on his Plex server themselves anyway). This happens regularly during WAN.

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