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WAN Show setup

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Guys, 


I am thinking of putting a request forward to the IT in my organisation to start doing weekly streams like the wan and I really like their setup with having the laptop screen with picture in picture and their streaming setup in general. 

Does anyone have an idea on what they actually use in terms of hardware and software what LTT use for the WAN show? 

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OBS. you can get away with USB mics connected straight to the streaming PC


depending on the number of host personality PCs, you can use NDI tools to stream the desktops to the streaming PC over LAN, instead of getting capture cards (not sure which capture card does LTT use now. they've switched multiple times)


what kind of company are you working for? o_o

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They are using Blackmagic capture cards, and currently OBS as software. It used to be XSplit, but that was having too many issues.

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Mevo has a Wireless camera that streams using a tablet, there is also a desktop switcher for windows but i wouldn't recommend it unless you need something simple and don't care about audio quality. The cameras are also quite expensive and there's a subscription plan.

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