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Dual Monitor setup issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys!


I'm asking for a little help. I made a Dual monitor setup for me using a Dell U2412m as a main screen (labeled with 1 in Windows 10 Pro) in landscape via Display port, and i use a Dell 1907FP secondary monitor in portrait via DVI. The Dell 1907FP is my 2nd screen labeled in Windows10.


At the beginning everything was fine, my boot screen was on the Dell U2412m. Now it seems, that the Dell 1907FP wanna be the boss, and while my PC is booting up the boot screen shows up on that one. Sadly, its very confusing because the screen is rotated in 90 degree, so if i need to enter the BIOS, i need to rotate the screen. Is it possible to define my GPU somehow (MSI Geforce GTX 1060) to use the Dell U2412m monitor as default screen on the Display port?


Do u have any suggestions?




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the one using DVI will always be the main monitor in the BIOS, something about being more basic or something. I dont know of anything you can do, i would assume you could hack the BIOS if you know that stuff deeply but i cant say i would recommend anyone to do that as even an experienced user can brick their card with a wrong number.

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It's because it's DVI. If it was VGA, it'd be the same thing. Because it's more basic (as @Bananasplit_00 said) it will output to that as primary, before the OS takes over. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing you can do. Idk if you could modify something in the GPU BIOS. But I would recommend switching #2 to display port and #1 to DVI (you may need adapters, in which case make sure they're active ones).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Guys, i found a solution myself. I disabled the CMS in my Bios, and it seems that now it gets the setting from the operation system. Now my PC boots on my Windows primary screen :)))).

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