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YouTube - Bad Comments Can Demonetize Your Video

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All these "adpocalypse" are just Youtube/Google's attempts to pocket the ad revenue that should go to content creators. They are using every excuse they can find to demonetize videos. They hide and get away with it because there is no accountability to content creators as to how much advertisers pay Youtube and the total ad value on videos. 

Awareness is key. Never enough, even in the face of futility. Speak the truth as if you may never get to say it again. This world is full of ugly. Change it they say. The only way is to reveal the ugly. To change the truth you must first acknowledge it. Never pretend it isn't there. Never bend the knee.


Please quote my post in your reply, so that I will be notified and can respond to it. Thanks.

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Bots and script writers will have a lot of fun.

I would also imagine a lot of corporate channels disabling comments.


Would be even funnier if youtube's own videos get demonitized.

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On 2/22/2019 at 4:33 PM, Minibois said:

*Audible gasp*
I can demonetize YouTube channels I hate?! This is better than the dislike button!

Finally, my curse vocabulary is helpful! I'm gonna post 'frick' everywhere!

This is a an even better idea than YouTube Heroes!

False, youtube will ignore radical left channels they will only demonetize anyone who doesnt agree with PC culture and radical silicon valley censorship.

So no this new measure youtube is implementing is to further oppress  people politically so they dont have an opinion.

People are so naive...

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Well, soon YouTube will be dead cuz content creators won't be able to make money. In fact, plenty of gamers now stream instead of upload videos because their videos aren't making money. It's really sad how terrible YouTube has gotten. Someone needs to make a better place to upload real quick cuz youtube is getting on my nerves. 

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