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HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4?

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i kinda dislike both

the S4 is plasticy which isnt a problem

but it holds in the heat and concentrates it in one place which makes my palm all sweaty (i used an S3)

i owned a galaxy s2 and in the video u could see what i mean when i say the heat is concentrated

u could clearly see the s2 in this video

while the One S has the heat dispersed evenly (thats why i own a One S) a fast duel core krait , great battery life and no heat at ALL

also Touchwiz just like sense etc is SLOW compared to CM roms please flash it with something else and you will love how fast android could truly be

the only issue i have with the HTC ONE is the home button

muscle memory is still impossible for me to change

why the HELL do these manufacturers F with me just keep it in the middle is that too HARD ?? .....

if you dont mind the home button buy the HTC ONE and flash CM10.1

sense is horrid and doesnt give u the full speed of your phone (the implementation of the OS not just sense)

if you want something now go with the ONE you wont regret it

im gonna wait for the next Nexus

the Nexus 4 didnt impress me much

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Get the HTC One. I don't like the plastic in Samsung devices. The One looks a lot more elegant.

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It's your personal preference.

Do you like the feel of plastic? - Galaxy S4

or Aluminium and Glass? - HTC One

Do you need a replaceable battery and expandable memory? - Galaxy S4

My opinion, I would go for the HTC One. I like the feel of Aluminium and Glass, I do not need expandable memory and a replaceable battery.

Along with that, Samsung does have heaps of features, most of these features are/or will become available on the Google Play Store from third party developers.

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I would go for the HTC One. The reviews I have read and seen so far are really good.

Between the two smartphones, the one difference that stands out for me is wireless charging. The HTC One cannot be recharged wirelessly, while the Galaxy S4 could (with some case modifying, if I recall correctly). If you are into that, then that might be the deal breaker for you.

I'm using a HTC One S and love the device (especially after getting the Jelly Bean update). The battery life is awesome and the shape of the phone is beautiful. If I had the money and needed a new phone, I would get the HTC One.

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I always think having a HTC's hardware design with Samsung's Software......Man That would be awesome!

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I like the One's camera way better than the S4, it gives significantly less noise in low-light conditions, although it doesn't contain as many details, you can solve this buy buying an aftermarket lens and strapping it onto the HTC One...Also HTC Zoes gives a huge amount of flexibility, and has a host of camera modes....here is a link of some amazing photos taken with HTC one [url=http://blog.htc.com/2013/03/htc-one-photography/]http://blog.htc.com/2013/03/htc-one-photography/[/url=http://blog.htc.com/2013/03/htc-one-photography/]

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Hopefully this works

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

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I don't know if this helps or not, but I'm getting the S4. I would suggest the S4.

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You really can't go wrong with either; they're both stellar.


I personally compare phones based on 3 things: development, battery and storage.


Development - Tie - From what I can tell, the One's bootloader is fully unlockable through HTCDev.  And the Galaxy S phones have always had unlocked bootloaders (except when Verizon has its way).  The US versions of each phone use the same Qualcomm 600 chip, so I assume development activity on the two will be about equal.


Battery - Tie - The One has a slightly weaker battery at 2300 mAh vs the S4's 2600 mAh, and the S4's OLED display is more energy efficient as well.  However, based on the numerous reports around the Internet of the One's amazing battery life, I doubt the One is at any true disadvantage.


Storage - S4 - MicroSD card slot vs. no MicroSD card slot.  For me personally, this is what it comes down to.  I like my removable storage.  Paying $100 extra for more internal storage is kinda ludicrous.  If I were to buy a new phone today, I'd want to simply throw my MicroSD card in there and have all my music and Titanium backups instantly.  And if for some reason I bork my phone, I don't want to lose my files if I need a replacement.


So if I were to upgrade, I'd choose the S4.  But again, that's just me.

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I am in the same boat, I have a Note 2 and want to get an S4 or One. I pre-ordered the S4 at Best Buy since I get a nice wife discount (I buy phones outright and sell my old one, the cost is more if I upgrade actually).

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The S4 is cool. Really just a bigger S3, It performs the same as far as I can tell but I havnt tried them side by side.

We only have a Wifi model at the moment so im unsure about its real life download speeds. HTC One is probably better. Just from talking to a friend whos a phone nerd. Aparently S4 is crap and HTC One is awesome.

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The S3 and S4 are no where close in performance, I know benchmarks supposedly dont mean squat but my S3 was destroyed by the note 2 so I bought a Note 2, its a HUGE performace difference. When I use peoples S3's at work they are unusable compared to my Note 2 (slow, laggy, apps open slow as all hell). I expect that same jump to the S4 from the Note 2 since there is a huge gap in benchmarks. It only makes sense really.

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I will personally never be buying a Samsung phone again (currently using the Galaxy SIIX) because of how terrible Samsung Kies is and the associated driver support. I can't emphasize "terrible" enough, really (speaking from personal experience). However, if you don't care about updating your firmware/Android OS, then the Galaxy S4 would be a good choice. Aesthetically I would certainly recommend the HTC One, and HTC has always had some of the best options in regards to smartphones. The reviews are certainly gleaming for the One, but I can't speak from personal experience with any HTC device... I would still go with HTC to avoid Kies though. 

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I will say get the HTC ONE, yeah the camera isn't 13MP but it makes up for all that in build quality and not running shitty touchwiz out of the box.

With the HTC ONE you'll feel like your're using a premium handset, it's got a fantastic feel to it and runs really smooth.

Samsung S IV feels quite cheap sadly especially for how much you're spending on the handset, it has a lot of stupid gimmicks and motion controlls that probably just won't work like the S iii had.


I owned an S iii and swapped it in at work for my current phone (HTC ONE XL) and have never regretted a second!

HTC have fantastic feeling phones, the stock UI is great and they camera is killer in low light situations and every day use really (unless you're going to blow the image up really big you won't really notice the difference)


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Personally, I think the Galaxy S 4 is better, but it depends on what you value. Here is a summary of the pros each device has over the other:



Galaxy S 4:

  • More features (like multi window, can be used while wearing gloves and so on)
  • Newer Android version (and higher chance of getting longer support, based on Samsung's and HTC's previous track records)
  • Higher performance (CPU, GPU as well as storage performance)
  • Removable battery
  • microSD card slot
  • Smaller, thinner, lighter.
  • Longer battery life (under normal usage)
  • Better still images (in normal and bright light conditions like outdoors)
  • Does not have both hardware and software buttons. (Yes you get a software menu button on the HTC One in some applications).
  • Supports HEVC.


HTC One:

  • Feels more premium (aluminum vs plastic)
  • Front facing stereo speakers
  • Better video recoding (higher FOV and better image stabilization)
  • Better still images (in low light, like indoors)
  • Lowest capacity model is 32GB (compared to 16)


Here is a picture of the menu button on the HTC One. The image is of the One X but the One has the same issue. It's not as common thse days but some apps still brings it up.




Edit: Things I didn't bring up and why.

Screen - Both are excellent and has their pros and cons. The Galaxy S 4 has a bigger screen with much better blacks, while the One has better whites and is brighter.

Skin - TouchWiz vs Sense is just personal preference so you can't compare them objecivly. You can also change them with third party launchers and even ROMs.

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at the beginning i was realy convinced that the s3 and the s4 was like crap i terms of how it feels in the hand . But 2 days ago i went in a store near my house here in greece and i held the s3 and i got to say this : the phone was well build and felt nice in the hand but it was plastic fed or sure but it wasnt bad quality at all and acording to what i have read about the s4 the plastic has been improoved so yea...  i dont think that the build quality of the one is that a big factor for me to buy it

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