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Chrome using nearly 40% of 16GB RAM?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My mouse starter stuttering a lot and I went to check if the CPU or memory was running high and I notice chrome running at nearly 40% memory, is that normal? I didnt run any videos, just had totally 8-10 tabs open as I was scrolling through pc parts. When I play games I also get stuttering and only way to fix it is by restarting. I have a i9-9900k cpu so it should not be the CPU's fault, but I am no PC expert so I ask here.

Is the ram maybe faulty?

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8-10 tabs? I'm surprised Chrome hasn't brought your system writhing and screaming to its knees.


But seriously, yes, Chrome loves to eat your RAM.

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I always have around 15 tabs open in multiple windows. 35% RAM usage right now.

Maybe there is some script of a website that is doing something else than just displaying the website? Whats the CPU usage?

Have you tried dark mode yet? click on your "username" > "Theme" > "nighttheme"

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I have Floatplane open in one window, four tabs of LTTF in this window, and three amazon tabs open in another window. I'm using 20% totals system memory, with chrome being about 1GB of that. What builds are you guys on? And what extensions are you using?


I'm on Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit), with Lastpass, honey, blackmenu, Adblockplus and google voice extensions.


I also just realized, looking at task manager, I have VLC open still from watching a TV show before floatplane, and an explorer window with that season of the TV show up in it, though both are minimized. 

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Memory at 40% won't cause mouse stuttering.


Something else is up.

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