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Plugging headphones in and out both cut out internet connection.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

No idea why this is happening, but when I unplug, or plug in my headphones, I lose internet connection (using Ethernet) any fixes or anyway to pinpoint the problem

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Maybe a grounding issue? Drivers interfering with each other? There should be no reason those two affect each other, but apparently they do.





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What computer are you using and what is the manufacturer of your sound and ethernet drivers? I don't really have an answer but with my ASUS K53E laptop, whenever I'm watching a video either on Youtube or locally, sometimes the audio will stutter/sound like its buffering whenever there is network activity. Like I'd be watching a video from an external hard drive and doing some research in Chrome and whenever I'd load a website the audio would do something crazy. I've done some poking around and I think it's because the sound and network drivers come from the same company, and somehow their interfering with each other. 

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