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Ethernet Cable Advice

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Hey guys,

 Couldnt help but think after Linus' Amazon Basics video when he mentioned Ethernet Jacket quality on Monoprice's and Amazon Basics' Ethernet cables being specifically poor, what is notably good out there? been using Monoprices stuff for a while and looking to switch to the good stuff for the rest

Thanks in advance!

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Hard to say, I mean if your cable isn't being moved or stepped on, it almost doesn't matter as much. But I've used Rosewill cables, which I think have a good jacket. But I personally like Startech and Cables To Go. H*ck, even the cables you get with your internet router aren't really that bad. I've never used an Amazon or Monoprice Ethernet cable, so I don't know about those.

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Commscope and Beldin (NOT Belkin) are two of the best out there, not cheap tho... The big thing you get is a better jacket, thicker and still nice and flexible. However, as with everything, they still have low grade cables that are crap.


Beldin has some really sweet cables, there is one that has a little button on the backing boot and if you press it the clear housing lights up flashing for a few seconds on both ends so you can trace where it is plugged into. They actually aren't even all that expensive, at least way cheaper than I expected, I think it was $45 for a 100' cable.



All things considered, I'd still just use Monoprice cables... the only time I buy expensive ones are when its going to be plugged/unplugged a lot, like a little work area that I always bring different computers over to when working on them, or the cables I have draped across the floor when setting up PTP radios.

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