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black western drives or blue drives? or gold?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

what is  the  difference between  black  western  drives or  blue  drives? or  gold??


i mean can  you use all  these  drives  for  games, avi  and  mp3  files?

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Depends on the capacity but generally (in terms of everything) it's 

Gold > Black > Blue

But as it is usually, the differences can be quite small. The differences depend on the size of the drive; but some things that are always the case:

- Gold has the longest warranty time, at 5 years. Pretty sure Black has 5 years too and Blue 2 years.

- Black and Gold are 7200RPM drives, while Blue is 7200/5400RPM at 1TB and 5400RPM beyond 1TB.

- Blue has the least cache of these drives, the cache on Gold and Black models depends on the TB of them.


Generally Black/Gold are the 'same', as in sometimes one is the better choice than the other.. Blue is the more affordable option.

Usually the Blue is enough, but for you games you might want to get a 7200RPM drive, in which case either Gold or Black can be a good choice. On the other hand, the difference in price may allow you to get a 4TB Blue + SATA SSD (like 250GB) for the same price as a 4TB Black or Gold. Not all games have as much improvement on an SSD; single player games generally do and multiplayer games generally don't, since you have to wait in multiplayer games for your opponents to load in the map too.

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Essentially they are all the same. But some are slightly faster than others or may be considered more reliable on others. If it's just for media consumption i would go for a blue.

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Gold is for Enterprise so it's way more expensive. Black is like the pro version of blue, priced to reflect the small increase in performance and whatnot. It's more apparent with the SSDs, the WD Black is an NVMe drive and the blue is SATA.

In other words, gold is a waste of money for a gaming PC and black is for someone who's hardcore about hard drives. I always recommend blue for gamers because it's the cheapest and offers everything you need.

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Black is slightly faster, but some of them 5400rpm drive are just as fast as then 7200 ones. The only 7200 drive I have in my system is a 500GB WD Black and that's slower than my 5400 WD RED. There is also RED Pro that's 7200rpm and comes with a 5 year warranty. Fast RPM doesn't automatically mean it's the fastest, I believe the number of platters and density of each platter plays a role as to how fast the drive performs, but don't quote me on that.

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Black are the best for a gaming PC.

For those who have in the same basket blues and blacks, they better have a look, at a whole bunch of benchmarks out there.

Because the closest look they had on blacks is from a monitor screen.

Op want relative facts and not personal opinions on their budget.

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