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I've got all the part exept the case, what should I do?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


So I recently bought all my parts, they will come tommorow.

Everything exept the case will come, I asked ebay why and they said there was an complication and I got refunded, I buy using ebay.de because my dad lives in germany so he will actually bring the parts to me, and the next time he will be visiting us in around 4-5 months, I am really inpatient and I can't wait that long.

I basicly have no more money for the pc, the refunded money I used on something else.

There is an local tech store witch I can buy an case from but like I said I don't have any more money for the build.

I am selling my current pc and with some of the money I will buy an case at the local tech store, the problem is that I don't know whem I'm gonna sell this pc but it's probably not gonna be soon.

I don't know what I should do and what I can do, because in the local tech store everything is overpriced, but if I were to buy something off of ebay the shipping would cost me about the same or even more than It would at the local tech store.

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i mean... a carbon box exists, but a case is still recommended


maybe you can get a scrapyard case?

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I second the cardboard box. My desktop is an open testbench. Doesn't offer much protection.


I could put up with my gear setup on a box or a small sheet of wood until a case came in 3~4 months. The system would work the same. To be honest the thermals would probably be better.

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Cardboard box, open air build.


Make a case from MDF/Plywood. or other scrap wood.


in the end a case isnt 'needed' ..but it sure is helpfull.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Guys, thanks for the responses, but I wont be using this data from you guys because my dad somehow managed to put an atx size case in an backpack...

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