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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

I subscribed to Shadow because Linus suggested it. But, I have been having a lot of issues with either the service or my machine. I have logged in maybe 25 times and had issues 7-8,times. This results in days of me not being able to use it. I havent been able to use it all month because it kept showing an error message and now it is requiring an admin password. 


Has anyone else started using shadow? Have y'all had a good experience? Is this just my VM? Has anyone else had troubles.?

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I did the same dman. I signed up with shadowtech because of Linus's review

Shadow Tech is complete trash horrid. and I will never go by a Linus review again.
First off, IF on the weekend you can actually gain access to a graphics card to even start up your Shadow, It will lag/freeze
Weekdays can be alright sometimes.
I asked them to cancel after having service for less then 3 weeks, did not yell/swear at them remained friendly. I asked them twice they never gave an actual answer if they would cancel my account, then my account was deactivated on there website, thought cool problem must of been resolved... Then the billed me again. then the account was activated again, Still having the same problems. Shadow Tech is a complete nightmare. complete trash. Avoid them like the plague 

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