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Arika S

How do you justify large purchases to yourself?

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12 hours ago, Arika S said:

the one we were talking about was like $1200 AUD worth of clothes/accessories

Why y'all gotta spend so much money on clothes? 

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me deciding on a big purchase:


- do i need this?


- can i afford it?

(ceiling maths)


- buy it.


(buy two bags of crisps)

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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I was about to drop $900 AUD on a Budget for a Ryzen8core CPU/MOBO/RAM/COOLER combo and recoup the rest from my 4790k ie PSU/SSD. HDD, GTX1070 and all that.

Then sell the old platform basics..


But I hobbyist encode, game less than I used to, and found my 4c8t 4.7Ghz sweetspot Paired with 2600MhZ OC Cl13, temps are great, Performance is spot on as expected.


I didn't NEED it, just Wanted it due to 4K 60fps Youtube encodes for 6-11m videos.


Ended up not doing the upgrade as yet, It's not yet feasible for my typical usage which is much less than it used to be because life is random and random things change off and on, time for Gaming always being up and down.


As per the usual shtik.. It it works for your usages and its only a minor gripe VS a new platform amount of cash.  Vote with your priorities.

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Usually when I see something I really want, I'll give myself a week to sit on it. If I still want that item by the end of next week I'll probably just buy it.



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entirely depends on the thing, the need for the thing, and what else I could do with the money I want to spend on the thing.


Eg, during racing season, new shiny is less important than money for entry fees and tires and repairing what broke. New GPU purchase is about the cost of a tire or two, but GPU doesn't make the car go faster or repaired to get back on track, so it is much harder to justify. $500 for 20 more FPS or $500 to haul ass in the Corkscrew....


This is also assuming things like rent, savings, food, etc are already paid for. The play money fund then gets allocated depending on need, with as much resistance to new shiny as possible to ensure actual needs (tires) are met before wants (gpu).


Generally though if it's on the order of an hour or three's pay, I don't think about it. If it's a day+ of pay, then the thinking brain engages.

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27 minutes ago, bimmerman said:

entirely depends on the thing, the need for the thing, and what else I could do with the money I want to spend on the thing.



Opportunity costs is the smart way to ponder about purchases. Always think of what else you can do with the money you plan to spend and weight the options. Should I spend it on this right now or should this go into the  pool for a house, a car, or investment in bussiness?

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16 hours ago, Arika S said:

This is a conversation i was having with one of my friends about 2 hours ago.


per the title, how do you justify making large purchases? not just tech, but anything


She was telling me that she regularly spends large amount of money and that if something costs less than her fortnightly pay (that's every 2 weeks) then she doesn't feel bad about buying it, obviously as long as she doesn't spend more than her pull pay within that 2 week period. This just feels weird to have that kind of mindset.

I feel like i have to budget for weeks before buying anything large, and if something else comes up first it pushes it back further. it sometimes takes me a month or more between "i want this" to actually buying it, it's not for a lack of money it's just that i feel like i have to prepare to spend large sums.


Maybe i'm the weird one?

  Reveal hidden contents

though the above was never up for debate, i'm weird, but in other ways.


Also depends on what your 2 week pay is.  I would have trouble just easily dropping $2k just cuz it met her requirements.


Like was said above, there are various levels of need vs want that you have to figure in too.  A $2k night of hookers is vastly different than a $2k repair on your car which is vastly different than a $2k vacation.

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If I buy anything over £100 then I'll ask myself this:

Do I need it? 

Will it be of any use to me?

Is it worth buying?

If all of the answers are yes, I'll buy it.


Any bigger purchases like my phone (which was £500) I justify it by thinking "well I'll use it for another 2 years at least. If I use it for two years it'll cost me £20 a month, that's not bad at all". 

When replying to someone don't forget to quote them using the arrow at the bottom left of the message, otherwise they might not see your answer.




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GPU: AMD Radeon RX 560X

Storage: 1TB HDD


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16 hours ago, Ravendarat said:

For anyone saying they cant justify that much on clothes just remember those people buying the clothes probably couldnt justify spending what we do on hardware, for them the 299.99 laptop on sale at best buy is just fine where as on here most of us wouldnt use that for anything besides a door stop. As for the OP, it just comes down to how much disposable income you have. If you make 5 or 6 grand a month and your monthly bills are like 2 grand than it would be pretty easy to justify a $1000 expenditure, not on a weekly basis but definitely far more often than someone who makes 2 grand a month and has 1600 in bills

This is a tech forum... Im sure that people on here know the price per performance and quality rather than an off brand $300 no name chinamium laptop... I'm not speaking on behalf of everyone, but in this scenario I can safely say that @Arika S has the knowledge to distinguish this... But I do see where you're coming from re the average consumer.

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8 hours ago, wasab said:

I don't like living paycheck to paycheck. 



Other than that, My purchases fall into three categories:


1. Things required to live:

This is stuff like food, shelter and water. To save on these things, buy a small house, cook your own food, and just drink tap water.


2. Purchases to make me money:


I am guessing this is not what you are referring to, but for my business its not uncommon for me to write a check for thousands of dollars to buy inventory. This is because I know I can sell these things at a profit. 


Buying things to make me more money is a whole different ball game. I'll happily drop 200K+ in cash on a house if I know I can rent out the property at $20K a month because its a cash flow positive product. Ill spend 5k on stocks and bonds because I know they will pay me dividends and interest. Ill do hard money lending at 10% interest because I will be paid back + some extra. Ill drop $2000 on a PC if it means I can edit videos better and faster for my business, and use that computer to make more than $2000.


Point here is buying things to MAKE money is a totally different ball game than buying things to lose money. In this situation, i'll spend any amount of money because I believe my investment will pay me back plus extra.


3. Luxuries:


I dont really buy expensive things that dont make me money, ever. I drive a car worth 1/10th my annual salary. I rarely go out just for the hell of it except with friends. I buy clothing from the thrift store, and my laptop is a lenovo thinkpad I got from a junkyard for $15. If its not required to make me more money and it isnt required to make me live, i like to remain conservative with these kinds of expenditures. Last month I think I spent $100 total on luxuries.


If you are trying to justify sometbing expensive that falls into category 3, that is fine ASSUMING you make so much money the purchase barely matters to you. For exame someone with a 1 million dollar income can afford to splurge more than someone with a 100K income. If its something expensive that you cant make money from AND it represents a good fraction of your salary, you are throwing your money down the drain even if its to provide entertainment. You know what provides me entertainment and is free? making money. I suggest you try it. There are an almost infinite number of ways to make money, so just get out there and try one.

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21 hours ago, Arika S said:

the one we were talking about was like $1200 AUD worth of clothes/accessories

I think ive spent $1200 AUD worth of clothing across my entire lifetime.

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22 hours ago, Arika S said:

the one we were talking about was like $1200 AUD worth of clothes/accessories

I'd spend $1200 on components but not even $120 on clothes so I guess it depends on how are you willing to spend your money

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Plan big purchases months in advance. Set money aside. 


This way, you'll have plenty of time to think and plan out your big purchase. If you still feel you need it after all that time saving, then it's justified. 


EDIT: WTH do you people mean by 1200 AUD clothes? What the heck are those clothes made of? Platinum threads?


Aside from a leather jacket that cost about 200 EUR, I don't remember the last time I spent more than 20 euros on a piece of clothing. 

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+ four different mechanical drives.

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To begin with, I am very cheap on buying stuff that won't make money for me. My phones and tablets are second handed, half of my PC is made from second handed parts. I only buy clothes or shores on sales.


Last week I really have to fight my instant to go cheap when shopping for a enhancement ring (shh… I want to keep it a surprise).


But I never tries to underpay anyone for good services.


And tools, I don't mind to buy nice tools and stationary because I really hate to work with badly made one. It really gets on my when my pen is skipping or cutter blade not sharp.

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I have a toy bugget.

Money is put into my "toys" account on a monthly bases.

It is not part of the money I put aside for savings and investment.

It is a carry over from my hardware budget I had when I was a freelancer.  


If there is not enough money in my "toys" account to get what I want I have to wait. 

The limit to what I spend is demanded by my ability to wait.


Since I have a toys bugget I feel obligated to spend the money in it.


I am justified.


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RIG#2 CPU: Intel i7 8086k | Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero | RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB DDR4 3200 | GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 ti FTW3 ULTRA | PSU: Corsair RMx1000W | Case: Cooler Master HAF X | Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 | SSD#1: Crucial MX300 2.5" 1TB | SSD#2: Crucial MX500 2.5" 1TB | Monitor: LG 55" 4k B9 OLED TV  

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My Money - My Problem

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Other Tech:

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I have the benefit of a high salary, but basically I just put a certain amount of my cash towards hobbies. I also have the benefit of work paying for 100% of my living expenses (phone, house, food etc), so technically 100% of my income is disposable but most of it goes into investments and savings.


Exactly $750 a week is my budget for hobbies, which is great when I’m focused on things like PCs or scuba diving, but paltry when I’m caught up planning a big trip which I am right now.

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My only "big" purchase I've done myself is my computer, which was ~400€ worth of new components. I told my mother that I need it, while later on I realized that I didn't need it and that my 4th gen i5 would've worked perfectly fine for a bit longer. Oh well. These parts will hopefully last for 3-4 years though, so it wasn't a bad choice after all. My father always tells me not to waste money and to only buy Finnish and/or long-lasting products. I don't always remember that. I have a bad habit of getting a stupid idea and then ordering a whole bunch of electronics from China and then think about my life mistakes.

My stuff:


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  • do i know what it does?
  • if yes, does it make life a lot easier?
  • if yes, can i live without it for now?
  • if yes, would i do fine if i suddenly bought it?
  • if yes, am i still thinking about it?


  • if yes, is it on a lower than usual price?
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I don't, I do not have any incomes from my parents and the only money I get is doing favors to my relatives for their computers and I got like 7/8 uncles who every time give me something like 50€ for every holiday like (Christmas, birthday, Easter)


And I know pretty well when I need to buy something, sometimes I try to sell my things when their value goes up for some reason and buy when they are low (example for graphics card because mining)


I ended up buying my most expensive things without any regret like my XPS 15, my main desktop (my dad paid the old one I sold at a advantageous price for me) and the OnePlus 6 just in this way


But I also thing it depends on what I need, for example, I would need definitely justifying myself for buying a video game since I'm really not the  person who buys something I do not even know nothing about


Another example is I would definitely buy a new server but I'm not running intensive applications anyway so the old crappy one I got is enough, and I can use that money for something I need in the future


Let's just say I found a way to not regretting any decision in buying things. If I had a job probably I would definitely start buying things like a normal person and do not care if I need something or not if I like it, example a fancy looking small factor server and an expensive case if I can afford it while being able paying the bills

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I don't drive a car and I can't drive a car. I inherited one apartment after my grandmother died and I'm set to inherit another after my grandfather. My cost of living is low enough so that when I see something I enjoy, I usually don't have to feel guilty about buying it. 


Not much justification needed to myself as a result. Justification to others - if asked - is a whole other matter.

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