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Do you need a special adapter to connect 4 controllers at once?

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I'm thinking of building an HTPC and connecting 4 PS4 controllers simultaneously. On my current PC, I have the Asus PCE-AC55BT which has Bluetooth. With 1 controller connected there's no lag whatsoever, but when multiple controllers are connected I start noticing some lag and packet loss, nothing too intrusive but it's definitely noticeable which means I can't play anything competitive like Rocket League unless I disconnect all the other controllers (R.I.P split screen). Anyways, since I'll be using the Fractal Design Node 202, I won't have space for a PCI adapter which means I'll have to use a USB. Which one should I get? (I'm currently considering this one.) And how different will the experience be? I won't be using the controllers more than a couple of meters away.

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