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Can anyone help me find this USB adapter piece?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Long story short, my dog got his leg tangled in my midi keyboard's cord and it fell causing this small piece of plastic that holds the cord in snug to break. 
Does anyone know if I can find this plastic piece somewhere, or will I have to buy a whole new adapter? 

The pictures below show what it looks like attached and outside of the adapter. 



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Honestly, it's just a generic USB type B. It should be pretty easy to get a replacement. It shouldn't cost more than 10$, you can even get one at your local Walmart or whatever. It's not worth it to attempt to repair.



(If the piece fell out from your cable, that is. If if fell out from the keyboard (which I'm assuming you don't want to replace), then good luck. I would recommend maybe taping the cord in place at that point.)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the reply's. It seems like it was attached to the keyboard so I will have to solder a new one in there to fully fix it. 

Doesn't look like I can just buy the plastic piece and glue it into place. 

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