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Node 202 Watercooling Project

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Hello, I'm planning to do custom watercooling in the node 202, looking for feedback on my ideas. To start, I'm not sure whether to use a mini GPU with a 120mm radiator or a normal sized GPU with a slim 240 and slim fans. Thoughts on this? The actual hardware isn't really decided yet, I have lots of parts and I could go either Intel or AMD. I do already have the case and an SF600 Gold, planning on custom ordering from cablemod for the exact cable lengths I'll need. I was also thinking of modding the top of the case and putting in a tempered glass panel so I can see inside. For this reason if I go with the mini gpu/120mm rad I'll probably need to custom cut a gpu backplate. For the pump/res I was thinking I could find a small res to fit in the corner behind the psu where 2.5" drives go (i'll use an m.2 for storage) and maybe one of those combo pump/cpu blocks. One thing that I know I don't want to do is have an external res, pump, or anything. I'd like to keep it all inside of the case. 


At this point I'm just at the drawing board, so any ideas or feedback is welcome. Thanks for taking a look. 



Main PC: (custom waterloop)

Threadripper 1950X @ stock 

8x8(64GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro @ 3000mhz

Asus Prime X399-A

2x EVGA 980 Ti Classified w/ EK Waterblocks (SLI)

Corsair AX1200 w/ White Cablemod

512GB Samsung 850 Pro

512GB Intel 600p M.2 NVME

NZXT H700i White


'Media' PC:

i5 8600k @ 4.9GHz

Corsair H80i 120mm AIO

16GB TridentZ @ 4133mhz

Asus z370-i Strix ITX

EVGA GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 

Corsair SF600 SFX PSU

256GB SL308 SSD

500GB WD Blue SSD

Thermaltake Core V1 ITX Case

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there was a guy who did it on this forum already, here is what he did:


There is also a more recent one here, but its not as impressive or detailed:


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It is probably better to do a plexi glass panel with some king of perforation (ventilation) on top of the case, you will need hot air to exhaust somehow. Perforated tempered glass will cost you an arm and a leg.

Due to size of the case it is best to use something like a ddc pump

As for gpu you can use 1080mini from gigabyte or 1080mini from zotac if you want to do a high end build. (Barrow and byksi makes waterblocks for them)

in any case it is a very chalanging build

CPU: x5680 xeon OC4.2gHz, Motherboard: Asus P6T, RAM: 48gb corsair 2400 mHz, GPU: gtx 980ti, Storage: Samsung 950pro 500gb, samsung 860evo 500gb, 2x2Tb HDD, Case: Lian Li PC O11 dynamic, Cooling: very custom loop.

CPU: i7 8700K, Motherboard Asus z370i, RAM:16gb corsair rgb 3600, GPU: EVGA Gtx 1080ti SC Black, Storage: samsung 960evo 500gb, samsung 860evo 1tb (M.2), samsung 860evo 500gb. HDD - 6tb, Case: lian li q37. Cooling: on the way to get watercooled (EKWB, HWlabs, Noctua, Barrow)

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