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Hi Guys,


My rig is running a 1070ti, 2700x, 16gb 3200mhz to give a quick run down. I am looking for a monitor but unable to decide between (24") 1080p 60z or 1080p 144hz. I think my gpu will be able to hit 144hz constantly but I have heard if you get a monitor w/o freesync/gsync you can see screen tearing when frames drop. I can buy 2 1080p 60hz for the price of one 144hz monitor but still not sure if I will use two monitors. I use a hdmi cable that I know is caped to 60hz so wondering if there even would be a point in getting 144hz monitor if I will not be able to utilize it. also what factor does 1ms vs 5ms play? I play all types of games AAA+ titles, rpg etc. My max budget is $400NZD. Any tips are appreciated :)





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AAA titles, RPGs ETC. is not quite specific enough. FPS would definitely see a significant increase in playability with an increased refresh rate.  HDMI cables are cheap, get one rated for HDMI 2.0 and you should be fine at 1080p high refresh. Just avoid 4K at 60fps+ over HDMI, it's a bitch.


IMHO, 24" is the bare minimum size for effective gaming, and I think you'll find that you'll be leaning into the screen to play.


We should be getting more info on the Freesync compatible monitors that Nvidia is going to let us lowly mortals use with Gsync. Just keep an eye on the refresh rate range. 110-120fps as the total range won't help much, I've seen a pretty good cadre of monitors that do 48-120hz, which is quite acceptable IMHO, especially if they can backlight flicker to help below 48fps.

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