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What are some of the best LAN/couch games with these features?

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Hello! I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out some of the games that I can play with my friends at a party, but I haven't been finding many that appeal to my friends. What are some of your favorite LAN/couch games to play with your friends? 


Ideally I'm looking for 4+ local player games. These are a little easier to browse thanks to steam. However, a game that locally supports two+ players while being able to connect to another system of two+ players would also work, and opens up some more doors. I don't necessarily need a full list, just some favorites.


On a side note, can anyone think of a fun little local game my girlfriend and I can play when she comes over? it can't be too mechanically difficult, and ideally have controller support.

I used gang beasts for 8 players at my last "party," but people soon got bored (understandably).

I've even considered buying another xbox 360 or two, and connecting them for 4 v 4 versus mode, but this is obviously costly.


If you have any other ideas for a fun LAN/couch set up let me know :) I'm not fully set on a PC exclusive party.

Thanks for helping!

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halo 1, 2, 3

do you really need more games? 

Gears of war 1, 2, 3

castle crashers

counter strike 

DayZ/rust/survival game


No more room in hell (now has steam workshop) 

Left 4 dead

LTT Fan Fiction:

PC game list: 


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Overcooked, Rocket League, Gang Beasts, Trine1&2, any Worms game.

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